Calibre Multi-Patterning


Comprehensive industry-leading technology for Calibre multi-patterning decomposition, verification, and error debugging. Supports all major foundry methodologies and processes, and provides unique tool integrations and debugging capabilities that ensure a Calibre signoff-quality multi-patterned layout.

Key feature

1. Sign-Off Solutions for All MP Design Methodologies

The Calibre Multi-Patterning tool provides signoff-quality solutions for all multi-patterning design methodologies.

2. Enhanced Debugging and Correction Guidance

Debugging and finding appropriate fixes for multi-patterning violations can be very difficult and unintuitive. It includes proprietary error visualization options that help the designer identify and implement the best fix more efficiently.

3. Comprehensive Design Tool Integration

The Calibre Multi-Patterning tool is fully integrated with the Calibre RealTime Custom and RealTime Digital interfaces for interactive custom and P&R debugging and fixing, regardless of which implementation tools you use.

Source: Siemens

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