Vietnam Business Summit – Connecting Vietnam to the SEA Semiconductor Ecosystem

As The Leading Software Services and Digital Solutions Provider in Vietnam, especially an authorized distributor of Siemens EDA specializing in providing software solutions for…

Leveraging 3D layout to optimize PCB System Designs

2D design is no longer sufficient for today’s complicated PCB layouts.  Flex  and  rigid-flex  designs,  and an increasing need for collaboration with MCAD, require…

Getting Started with Questa Memory Verification IP

The best way to create a System on a Chip is with design IP. Your project may have a memory controller and PHY that takes commands from the system…

Getting Started with Questa Verification IP for Protocols

The best way to create a System on a Chip is with design IP: blocks that perform common functions such as interfaces to standard…
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PCB design best practices: thermal analysis

Designing today’s complex PCB is no easy task. It requires a full understanding of the basics of PCB design, a mastery of your CAD…

Frequently asked questions about PADS Professional Premium DFM

A best-practice strategy to keep your projects on time and on budget is to test them for compliance with your manufacturer’s capabilities before you…

Calibre Auto-Waivers

The Calibre Auto-Waivers tool provides fast, accurate, automated recognition, removal, and tracking of waived design rule violations during DRC. It eliminates costly time and…

Calibre 3DSTACK

Extending physical verification from the IC world to the advanced packaging world to improve multi-die package manufacturability. Use one Calibre 3DSTACK cockpit for assembly-level…