Try Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software free for 30 days
Try Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software free for 30 days
Did you know that Siemens offers free, 30-day, trials of its Tecnomatix Plant Simulation software? It’s true! It’s easy to register and get up and running today.
Vietbay Best Couple Presenter 2019 comeback
Vietbay Best Couple Presenter 2019 comeback
Following the success of the Vietbay Best Presenter, Vietbay Best Couple Presenter 2019 was held on September 14 to create opportunities for Vietbay's members to show their abilities as well as standardize their knowledge and professional work skills. 
  • Extending the power of Azure AI to business users

    Powered by Azure AI, these tightly integrated AI capabilities will empower every employee in an organization to make AI real for their business today. Millions of developers and data scientists around the world are already using Azure AI to build innovative applications and machine learning models for their organizations. Now business users will also be able to directly harness the power of Azure AI in their line of business applications.

  • Solution for plant simulation of Siemens

    Siemens Technomatic Plant Simulation - a software that allows the simulation, visualization, analy­sis and optimization of production systems and logistics processes. Using Plant Simulation enables you to optimize mate­rial flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of factory management, from global facilities and local plants to specific produc­tion lines.

  • Microsoft Teams reaches 13 million daily active users, introduces 4 new ways for teams to work better together

    More than 13 million people now use Teams on a daily basis—and more than 19 million people use it weekly. With availability in 53 languages across 181 markets, Teams is powering teamwork for customers around the world, including Emirates, FedEx, Lexmark, The Adecco Group, KONE, and McCann Worldgroup.

  • Pick a project and create something great

    Dive in and see what you can do with Adobe Creative Cloud apps today. Your first seven days are free.

  • CAD Is a Lie: Generative Design to the Rescue

    Repeating things for decades doesn’t make them true. I can prove this pretty easily because, for 52 years now, people thought CAD was an acronym for computer-aided design.

  • Success Story: Vietbay delivered successfully Siemens NX CAD/CAM to Cosmos Industrial Company

    Vietbay and Siemens PLM Software – Digital Enterprise No.1 in the world, have a very good relationship in 6years. We gained many achievements for affirming that Vietbay is the strategic partner of Siemens PLM Software in Viet Nam. Consulting and transfering design software, CAM and simulation solutions is our main business in the way becoming the leading Smart Manufacturing Provider in Vietnam. We provide both design software of mold and die, products and spart parts but also delivering a lot of CAM solutions at 3-4-5axis with training promgraming of post processor for many manufacturing enterprises such as Honda Viet Nam, Samsung Electrics…  

  • Vietbay's Partner Success Series

    Vietbay has enjoyed continuous growth in the first decade of business, and is firmly established in Hanoi and other markets in northern Vietnam.

  • Reasons for the success of Vietbay company

    Vietbay - The Leading IT Licensed Software Distribution and CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM Solution Provider in Vietnam


    Microsoft is a multinational corporation of USA is headquartered in Redmond, Washington; specializing in developing, manufacturing and trading of copyrighted software and support broad-based products and services related to computers.