Top 12 Features in NX 12
Top 12 Features in NX 12
Whether you have been using NX since it was called Unigraphics or you are new to using this CAD solution, if you’re the type of person who gets excited over faster assembly load times or new ways to annotate your models, this post is for you! We’ve rounded up a list of the top features in NX 12 to get you excited for our best release ever!
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  • Solutions For Progressive Die Design

    The solutions software guides you through all of the stages required to design a progressive die, automating the most tedious tasks and streamlining the most complex processes. NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for both straight break and freeform sheet metal parts. You can design the complete die structure with associativity to the part design at every stage

  • Optimize Solution For Stamping Die

    Stamping presses are used to manufacture products in many industrial fields, especially in the field of automotive, motorbike, products are often large size, high complexity, almost of mold maker need to test on several time after design and manufacture. The CAD / CAM / CAE solution is not as feasible in the design and manufacture of this mold. Below is the best solution for the design and manufacture of stamping molds including from the initial design stage to the mold design, Products and molding with CNC machining centers

  • Altair Invests in Composite Structural Analysis with ESAComp

    Engineers can now simulate composites with the Altair HyperWorks tool suite. Altair’s recent acquisition of Componeering Inc., now Altair Engineering Finland Oy, brings Componeering ESAComp composite simulation software into the HyperWorks environment to enhance capability and simplify the process of moving design data among the applications in the tool suite.          

  • Design and Optimization of Lattice Structures for 3D Printing using Altair OptiStruct.

    How would you like your burger done? Medium rare, well done, or 3D printed? Seems farfetched? Well, not so much, if the recent 3D printing trends are anything to go by. All said and done, while I am a fan of this new, potentially revolutionizing technology, I think I will stick to having my burger made the good old-fashioned way.

  • Siemens Advances Generative Design Technology

    Siemens PLM Software expands topology optimization in its NX 12 release. Siemens topology optimization relies on the Parasolid geometric kernel’s ability to support planar mesh geometry seamlessly together with precise geometry to enable a generative design workflow.