Success Story: Vietbay delivered successfully Siemens NX CAD/CAM to Cosmos Industrial Company


Vietbay and Siemens PLM Software – Digital Enterprise No.1 in the world, have a very good relationship in 6years. We gained many achievements for affirming that Vietbay is the strategic partner of Siemens PLM Software in Viet Nam. Consulting and transfering design software, CAM and simulation solutions is our main business in the way becoming the leading Smart Manufacturing Provider in Vietnam. We provide both design software of mold and die, products and spart parts but also delivering a lot of CAM solutions at 3-4-5axis with training promgraming of post processor for many manufacturing enterprises such as Honda Viet Nam, Samsung Electrics…

Vietbay and Cosmos Industrial Company has a long relationship. Vietbay provide many kinds of software technology for Cosmos, especially the advanced solution with NX CAM.  Cosmos is Vietnam enterprise supplies to industry leaders in automobile and motorcycle part manufacturing and is the one of top3 biggest vendors of Honda Vietnam. Cosmos applied successfully the NX CAM in their production process with consultants and supports from Vietbay team and agreed to share their experience with other enterprises, customers and partners in Siemens community in the world. With synchronous technology, NX CAD/CAM not only helps Cosmos easily edit parts but also allow them produce faster and more precision, and bring the innovation of their production processes. 
Vietbay is happy to bring this success story to Vietnam customers.
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