What’s new in ZWCAD 2024: Point Cloud


Point cloud data is a 3D data set consisting of a large number of points, which can be obtained from 3D laser scanning technology or other ways. The point cloud function is mainly used in surveying and mapping, building renovation, archaeological relics and other industries. The point cloud function can import the 3D shape data of the actual object to help users obtain information more quickly and accurately, reduce errors, and improve the accuracy and precision of the design.

Below are the highlights of Point Cloud

1. Users can import point cloud files by attaching them. Currently, many file types are supported, including RCS, RCP, E57, LAS, LAZ, and PTS.

Figure 1. Point cloud file imported in the attached form

2. By setting the level of detail and point size, the visual noise can be adjusted to present different display effects.

Figure 2. Adjust the level of detail and point size to present different display effects
3. Each point can be stylized by changing the point color style. The adjustment of transparency can show different degrees of visualization. The setting of these attributes can express the characteristics of point cloud data.
Figure 3. RGB style

Figure 4. Normal style
4. Crop the selected point cloud through a polygonal, rectangular, or circular boundary so that unnecessary data or regions of interest can be removed or extracted for more efficient processing and analysis.
Figure 5. Point cloud cropping
5. Section plane can be applied to obtain the projection or section of the plane or curved surface. And then, one or more intersection lines can be extracted from the section plane to represent the outline or boundary of the section, which can help users analyze the internal structure or shape of 3D objects.
Figure 6. Point cloud section plane
6. The point cloud manager lists the point cloud items in the current drawing, and users can control the display or hiding of one or some items.
Figure 7. Point cloud manager
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(Source: ZWSOFT)

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