New feature on Zwcad 2024 SP1: Optimize copying objects in drawings


A new settings dialog has been added for common copy and paste operations (Copyclip&Pasteclip). Users can customize the CAD images that are copied to the clipboard through this dialog. The Copy and Paste Settings dialog can be accessed through the Ribbon, Classic menu, or command line.

Figure 1. The settings dialog can be launched through multiple entries

The parameters that users can configure in the dialog are as follows: Copy and paste format

The default paste format is “ZWCAD Drawing Object” and it is unchangeable. However, users can choose other data formats, including “Picture” and “Bitmap.” “Picture” belongs to metafiles and can store objects as vector graphics formats, while “Bitmap” belongs to bitmap files and can store objects as raster graphics formats, which is the default image format for Windows OS.

Figure 2. Users can choose multiple data formats

 Paste range

Through the settings dialog, users can configure the image boundary type when pasting objects into third-party software. It supports three image boundary types: “Viewport extents”, “Drawing limits”, and “Drawing limits within viewport extents”. “Viewport extents” copies the entire viewport frame, resulting in more whitespace, while “Drawing limits” or “Drawing limits within viewport extents” recognizes the edges of objects and copies them, minimizing the amount of whitespace as much as possible.

Figure 3. Pasting effects in different modes

Paste color

The settings dialog allows users to configure the image color when pasting objects into other document software. Users can choose to retain the original colors of the objects or change the colors.

Figure 4. Select paste color

Source: ZWCAD

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