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With Zwcad 2023 SP1, the local drawings can be synchronized to the cloud storage space. Users can automatically or manually upload the local drawings to the cloud. In this way, the risk of drawing data loss can be greatly reduced, and the customer can access the latest version of drawings directly from the cloud conveniently.

You can find online documents feature on ribbon (“Online” tab) or menu (“File” tab). Currently, we suppport two cloud storage providers: Huawei Cloud and Baidu Pan.

Figure 1. Support Huawei and Baidu cloud drive for now
Users can choose the sync mode. If you select automatic sync, the drawings will be automatically saved to the local sync folder path and the corresponding directory on the cloud disk each time.


Figure 2. Choose this option will sync to local and cloud paths each time the drawing saved
If you choose manual save, the saved drawings will not be synced to the corresponding directory automatically. You need to click “Save to Cloud” and “Upload Multiple” buttons to manually sync the drawings.
Figure 3. Use “Save to Cloud” or “Upload Mutilple” functions to manually sync drawings to the cloud

The synchronization status of drawings can be viewed by opening the ZWCAD Syble panel on the notification bar. On the panel, you can see the progress of synchronization and perform basic operations on the selected drawing.

Hình 4. Nhấp vào biểu tượng để mở ZWCAD Syble
Figure 5. ZWCAD Syble Panel


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