CEO Vietbay celebrates 125 years of tradition in the HaUI Mechanical Industry and establishes the Faculty of Mechanical and Automotive Mechanics


On October 29, the Faculty of Mechanical – Automotive Engineering, Vietnam – Japan Center, Center for Automotive Technology and Driver Training solemnly held a ceremony to celebrate the 125th anniversary of the Mechanics – Automotive tradition and the anniversary of its success of the School of Mechanical Engineering – Automotive Automotive Engineering.

The ceremony took place solemnly, filled with joy, excitement and pride, with the participation of delegates who were leaders and former leaders of Hanoi University of Industry; leaders and former leaders of Mechanical Engineering units at Hanoi University of Industry; representatives of universities, academies, research institutes, domestic and foreign agencies, organizations and businesses; generations of officials, lecturers, students through different periods; Representatives of units belonging to Hanoi University of Industry.

After 125 years of construction and development, the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Automotive Technology, Mechanical Center, Viet Nhat Center, Center for Automotive Technology and Driver Training have truly grown over the years, There have been periods of expansion, merger, change of name, goals, and training tasks, but the units share the same determination to build an increasingly developed Mechanical Industry, maintaining its role as a pioneer Phong in the system of training units of Hanoi University of Industry, contributing more to the cause of education and the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country.

To develop the Mechanical Engineering industry at a higher level, Dr. Kieu Xuan Thuc, Rector of Hanoi University of Industry, requested the Mechanical Engineering industry and the School of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering to innovate training content and programs; training methods and updating new, advanced knowledge and technology from the world into teaching programs; Assess the current state of training, forecast social needs for human resources in mechanical engineering fields to open training fields suitable to reality; Extensive cooperation between schools and businesses, especially in developing training programs; create a favorable environment for lecturers and students to conduct scientific research and develop products and technological solutions; Effectively implement the decentralization of Hanoi University of Industry in investment and development, aiming at many industries that meet international standards.

Vietbay – Close partner of University of Automotive Mechanics, Hanoi University of Industry

Vietbay – as a business partner of the school, we are very honored to accompany Hanoi University of Industry in general and University of Mechanical and Automotive Engineering in particular for many years, especially in Smart Manufacturing Factory Research Center construction project.

On the occasion of the  125th anniversary of the tradition of the Mechanical – Automotive Industry and the anniversary of the establishment of the Faculty of Mechanical – Automotive Engineering, Vietbay sends deep wishes to the School and wishes the Faculty of Mechanical – Automotive Engineering to become increasingly strong and leading. in the field of Mechanical – Automotive train high quality human resources for the country.

Also on this special day, Vietbay is pleased to have a booth present right on campus, bringing many interesting activities and useful knowledge directly related to the fields that the school’s students are interested in: Mechanical and automobile industry.

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