The exciting Vietbay Best Presenter Contest 2020


Following the success of two Vietbay Best Presenter contests in 2019, the third Vietbay Best Presenter was held on the 11th and 12th December 2020 to create opportunities for Vietbay’s members to show their abilities as well as standardize their knowledge and professional work skills.

The contest received enthusiastic response and participation of all Vietbay members are working at sales and technical departments. It was showed through the time of preparing and investing effort and brainpower into the presentation with topics directly related to work or sharing workskills and experiences. The atmosphere of the competition is hotter than ever and one thing is easy to see, Vietbay-ers are all passionate and talented people.

Participating in the competition, each contestant received comments and suggestions from experienced experts to perfect presentation skills and supplement industry knowledge. The judges and the audience asked many questions based on real-work situations to help the contestants consolidate their knowledge and clarify relevant information for the company’s members.

The Vietbay Best Couple Presenter 2020 successfully completed with the first prize awarded to an Application Engineer of Techical Department, and the runner-up to a member of Hanoi Sales.  The prizes awarded right after the end of the program. More importantly, practical knowledge and skills to handle situations drawn from the competition is valuable experience for Vietbay’s member to apply in the coming work.

 In addition to competitions of improving and improving working skills, Vietbay also regularly organizes fun activities and activities to engage employees in the company. Vietbay believes that by increasing the motivation of each employee, we can enhance customer satisfaction and thereby enhance the values ​​we can bring to our customers and partners. Vietbay always strives to build an international working environment with the best welfare policies to ensure each member feels satisfied at work, as well as can have a balanced life between family and Work. By keeping this balance, all members of the company feel proud to be part of the company. This improves the cohesion between each member and the collective to further strengthen a strong relationship towards a long-term development of Vietbay.

Vietbay – Where you can freely work with passion, enthusiasm to develop competencies and live happily with your chosen profession.

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