Feature summary | Illustrator on the desktop (2024 releases)


Learn about new features and enhancements in the October 2023 release of Illustrator on the desktop (version 28.0).

Create realistic mockups of art on objects

Mockup (beta) allows you to create imitations of art on objects such as product packaging, mugs, and T-shirts. When you apply vector art on a raster object, Illustrator honors the curves and edges of the object, and the vector art auto-adjusts onto the object non-destructively.

Convert text within images and outlined text into live text for editing

Use the power of Retype (beta) to edit static text within a raster image or outlined text using a matching font from Adobe Fonts or your computer.

Smoothen paths with more control

The Smooth slider, an enhancement over the Smooth tool, lets you manually control smoothing levels for a path. You also have the flexibility to smoothen the entire path or a part of the path.

Create shareable links to PDF files for review

Share for review lets you create shareable links to your PDF files for gathering feedback without having to convert them to .ai or .aic files.

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