Calibre Pattern Matching


At Calibre Pattern Matching, SoC designers must balance customization of SRAM for better performance against potential impacts on yield. Enhancing SRAM debugging with pattern matching and similarity checking enables SRAM designers to find a better, more precise balance between design flexibility and yield.

Key features

1. Automated Pattern Classification, Matching, and Debug

Provides signoff-quality pattern classification, matching, and debugging integrated with the Calibre suite of verification tools. Benefit from the speed and accuracy of pattern matching across all Calibre design and manufacturing flows.

2. Integrated in the Calibre Platform

Works within the Calibre platform to enable powerful integrated pattern-based design verification and manufacturing flows. Patterns supplement multi-operational text-based design rule checks, simplifying complex layout descriptions.

3. Designer Assistance for Analog and Digital Flow

Simplify complex design rules requiring multiple-layer device symmetry with a simple call to the Calibre Pattern Matching process. Leverage known good patterns to verify no modification, eliminating lengthy debugging. Pair with Calibre sign-off DRC decks and Calibre RealTime interfaces to streamline verification in all major P&R and design environments.

4. Supports Major Foundries’ Advanced Verification Flows

Supports advanced verification flows at all major foundries. From flagging known yield detractors, to identifying IP modifications, to enhancing simulation based flows, Calibre pattern processing enhances many foundry applications.

(Source: Siemens)

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