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As electronics content increases, so does design complexity. PADS Professional delivers powerful PCB design capabilities in an affordable and easy-to-deploy solution for hardware engineers.

PADs Software package including: PADS Professional Premium Edition, PADs Professional, PADS Standard and Standard Plus. There are also included packages such as PADS Professional Cloud Apps.

1. PADS Professional Premium Edition

PADS Professional Premium Edition: Empowers engineers. Unites teams. Unlocks innovation. A complete PCB design platform that includes board design and analysis technologies, cloud-enabled collaboration, part research and creation, and real-time supply-chain insights.

2. PADS Professional

PADS Professional: PADS Professional is an affordable, intelligent, and integrated PCB design and verification flow for hardware engineers and small workgroups that delivers compatibility with Xpedition technology and extended collaboration for PCB engineering projects.

3. PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus

PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus: For PCB engineers looking for proven tools, PADS Standard and PADS Standard Plus provide schematic and layout capabilities in an easy-to-use environment. PADS Standard is ideal where economy is a high priority. PADS Standard Plus introduces simulation and analysis with advanced layout capabilities.

4. PADS Professional Cloud Apps

PADS Professional Cloud Apps: PADS Professional Cloud Apps enables digital transformation by providing a flexible, cloud-based ecosystem that connects component research, concept exploration, component sourcing, design and analysis management, and manufacturing.

5. PADS Professional for Startup Companies

PADS Professional for Startup Companies: The PADS Professional for Startups program provides eligible startups with discounted access to a complete solution for PCB design software, including schematic and layout with integrated design data management, component research, and real-time component sourcing knowledge.

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