How to apply the DIMCONTINUE command in ZWCAD


Tired of repetitive dimensioning in your drawings? Try the DIMCONTINUE command in ZWCAD, your handy tool for quickly generating angular, linear, or ordinate dimensions based on your last dimension. It’s especially helpful when you are measuring angles and distances in architectural drawings.

How to apply:

  • Type [DLI] and press Enter
  • Select the two endpoints of the linear dimension line to create a linear dimension
  • Type [DCO] and hit Enter
  • Keep selecting endpoints on the next extension lines, and you’re creating a series of linear dimensions without the hassle of repeatedly entering DIMLINEAR

Pro Tips

Want to switch to another existing dimension for continuation? Simply hit Enter after step 4, choose an existing dimension, and repeat step 4. Dimensioning has never been this efficient!

Give it a try today and take advantage of this awesome feature!

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