The National Innovation Center (NIC) and Siemens EDA cooperate to develop human resources for semiconductor chip design in Vietnam 2024


On February 29, 2024, the Ministry of Planning and Investment coordinated with Siemens EDA to organize Conference on developing human resource for semiconductor IC design – Vietnam 2024. Attending were Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Tran Duy Dong and Ms. Nina Lin, Vice President in charge of ASEAN and Taiwan region, Siemens EDA. At the Conference, the National Innovation Center (NIC), the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Siemens EDA signed a cooperation agreement to develop the semiconductor ecosystem in Vietnam.

Speaking at the opening of the Conference, Deputy Minister Tran Duy Dong emphasized the potential and opportunities to develop Vietnam’s semiconductor industry ecosystem. The Vietnamese Government is especially interested in promoting investment cooperation and developing the semiconductor industry in Vietnam, building a human resource development project with the goal of forming a team of 50,000 engineers for the industry. this until 2030.

Vietnam also has an abundant workforce in the field of engineering and technology suitable for the semiconductor industry and is attracting more and more large corporations in the world to the semiconductor industry. At the same time, NIC and 03 high-tech zones were established in Ho Chi Minh City, Hoa Lac (Hanoi) and Da Nang with full conditions on technical infrastructure, human resources, and policy mechanisms. The highest investment is ready to welcome corporations and businesses to invest.

The Deputy Minister said that in Resolution No. 124/NQ-CP dated August 7, 2023, the Government assigned the Ministry of Planning and Investment to preside and coordinate with the Ministries of Science and Technology, Information and Communications. , Education and Training researches and develops the project “Developing human resources in the semiconductor industry to 2030, with a vision to 2045″.

The work of NIC signing an MoU with Siemens EDA and granting the copyright of Siemens’ semiconductor chip design software to universities is a practical activity,” the Deputy Minister emphasized. The cooperation between the Stateowned – businesses, the State – institutes and businesses – owned institutes is increasingly deepening, gradually developing semiconductor human resources through training programs, technology transfer, Support tools, software, techniques, and consulting to achieve the goal of 50,000 semiconductor engineers by 2030.

Ms. Nina Lin highly appreciated the strategies and policies that the Vietnamese Government is implementing to develop industries, especially the semiconductor electronics industry; Emphasizing that this is an important time for cooperation between Siemens and the Government, ministries and branches of Vietnam to support increasing the speed of innovation for businesses, building an industrial ecosystem as well as discovering and developing human resource training for the semiconductor industry.

Siemens EDA is ready to operate with facilities in Vietnam, especially the Ministry of Planning and Investment to provide professional electronics sales. Ms. Nina Lin also said that Siemens EDA will sponsor Siemens’ most advanced chip and board design software suite for Vietnam through NIC and will provide training services and accompany NIC in providing employment. Providing human resources development for semiconductor circuit design in particular and the semiconductor electronics industry in general.

At the Conference, Mr. Lincoln Lee, Vice President of Technical Affairs for ASEAN and Taiwan, Siemens EDA introduced Siemens EDA’s comprehensive set of technology solutions for the design and production of semiconductor chips and circuit boards. Electronic circuits with the strong participation of AI to help businesses design more complex and smarter electronic products faster.

On this occasion, NIC and Siemens EDA awarded software grants to typical universities with the task of training human resources for the semiconductor industry assigned by the Government.

Its important geostrategic location, production shift and the trend of diversifying the global supply chain have given Vietnam the opportunity to become a key factor in the process of restructuring the global supply chain. However, high-quality human resources for the semiconductor industry is a challenge for Vietnam. The cooperation between NIC, the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Siemens EDA to remove human resources bottlenecks will contribute to realizing Vietnam’s “semiconductor” dream and upgrading the national semiconductor ecosystem.

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