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The strong development of digital technology has accelerated the process of globalization. The global market is increasingly competitive, requiring companies to adapt flexibly and improve their business strategies. Manufacturing industry is a specific industry because of its large investment capital, complicated process, so the speed and flexibility in the development and optimization of the production process is limited. To overcome these limitations, digital manufacturing solutions were introduced, typically Tecnomatix of Siemens Digital Inductries Software which accelerated the development process and optimized production with high reliability and authenticity.

Tecnomatix is a comprehensive portfolio of digital manufacturing solutions that help you to digitalize manufacturing and the process of transforming innovative ideas and raw materials into real products. All your design, study and testing with Tecnomatix will not affect the actual production situation.


  • Right synchronization across product engineering, manufacturing engineering, and production
  • Right ingenuity to create leaner, more efficient processes
  • Right insight into the real-world performance of plans
  • Right control of quality and production operations

Tecnomatix includes tools for

  • Manufacturing Planing
  • Manufacturing Simulation
  • Manufacturing Production

Built on the Teamcenter manufacturing platform, Tecnomatix provides the most versatile set of manufacturing solutions on the market today. When integrated with the full suite of Siemens PLM Software product lifecycle management (PLM) solutions, it brings unprecedented manufacturing power from the top floor to the shop floor.

(Source: Siemens) 

Vietbay is the leading company that specializing in consulting and transfering software license distribution in general and smarrt manufacturing solutions in specific. We now focus on industry softwares which help to optimize design products and molds (CAD), progamming (CAM), valuation analysis and simulation (CAE), data management (PDM), machine managmenet (CNC) and production lifecycle management (PLM) for customers coming from various industries such as automotive, electronics, industrial machinery, mold and die, consumer products and packages etc.
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