New features in Tecnomatix 2023 – Human simulation and virtual reality


Tecnomatix Process Simulate Human helps you to eliminate any risk to operators with walk path analysis, reachability tests, vision analysis, and ergonomics assessments.

Process Simulate Virtual Reality delivers an immersive virtual reality environment for better engineering reviews, staff training and realistic process validation.

Let’s explore the detailed features below with Vietbay:

Enhanced presentation of ergonomic analysis tools 

In the refreshed analysis tools interface, you will find new enhancements that help you save time and more confidently select the appropriate evaluation techniques. The human performance tools have been grouped by type so that you can easily decide which evaluation techniques are required for each scenario and reduce the amount of user input needed prior to conducting an evaluation.

Real-time posture monitor 

You now can carry out workstation design more efficiently using the Posture Monitor to assess ergonomic compliance in real-time, helping you identify problems and adjust immediately. When posturing or creating a simulation, open the Posture Monitor for continuous feedback to monitor the tasks being performed.

Motion capture: Tracking improvements 

Given the increased prevalence of hand-intensive tasks in the industry, Process Simulate Human improves accuracy of human motion studies with enhanced motion tracking so postures from the human object are more closely duplicated onto human figures in Process Simulate. Additionally, motions such as kneeling, laying down, squatting and crawling can now be simulated with accuracy so users can quickly identify concerning postures.

In addition, Vicon finger tracking allows motions to be applied to humans in Process Simulate. Hand clearance and hand-intensive tasks are frequently required during product and process planning. Movements tracked include hand clearance requirements for assembly operations and hand core capabilities for a specific posture. Enhance the realism of motion and capture studies and use the Vicon motion tracking system to monitor intricate hand movements for accurate and speedy evaluations.

Line simulation studies

Line simulation studies can now be launched into virtual reality to allow immersive planning of robotic cells and to verify material flow. Simply enable all material flow properties and generate appearances prior to launching VR.

VR collaboration: Easier connectivity

Virtual reality collaboration can now be used with higher confidence, supporting immersive connectivity with colleagues like increased configuration flexibility in secure, rich environments. You also gain improved handling of blocked FTP ports and the ability to use static IP addresses, which is helpful when specialist routing, tunnels or other network configurations are present.

Source: Siemens

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