In order to support SMB and Startup businesses to save innovation costs, promote quick and effective digital transformation, thereby improving labor productivity to help businesses increase their competitive advantage, which participate more deeply in the global supply chain. Siemens and Vietbay announced a special support program for SMBs and Startups businesses in Vietnam.

The promotion provides customers with comprehensive and integrated solutions that help businesses accelerate product development faster, achieve better quality with lower costs and flexible transformation according to market demand.

Currently, Siemens’ Copyright Licensing Policy allows businesses to save electricity on investment costs and flexibly in the process of exploiting and using information through a license package that can turn the users of the models into module, taking advantage of Cloud resources instead of using IT infrastructure at the enterprise, while reducing investment costs in IT and professional IT human resources.

Benefits for businesses

✔️ Special promotion up to 90% of investment costs (SaaS)
✔️ Opportunity to use the world’s leading copyright software with the cheapest cost and flexible investment according to the development process of the business
✔️ Support to connect with investment funds and international markets, thereby helping SMB and Startup companies to accelerate their development to the international market
✔️ Consulted on choosing application technology in Design – Simulation – Outsourcing – Data management in accordance with reality at the enterprise
✔️ Technology transfer and technical support by leading experts.

The main solutions in the support package

✔️ Mechanical design solution and quick calibration of mechanical components
✔️ Electrical system design solution and MCAD/ECAD integration
✔️ Design simulation, evaluation and optimization solution (Structural, kinetic, thermal, flow simulation)
✔️ Solutions to support manufacturing (CNC machining, molds)
✔️ Teamwork management and collaboration solution (data management and sharing, documents, process management, etc)
✔️ Application software development solution with low-code (Special support package for Startup businesses)

Applicable objects

✔️ Being an SMB business with annual revenue of less than 500 million USD
✔️ Start-up businesses under 7 years of establishment with business registration in Vietnam
✔️ Operating in the field of design and production, which has a need to use software in the Siemens ecological system.


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