OT and IT integrated to boost productivity and sustainability in your Digital Enterprise


Currently, information is extremely important for businesses, it helps businesses have the most accurate view of the current state of the production system, making the fastest decisions for changes, creating flexibility, improving and optimizing the production system.

So how can we collect and monitor all the information in the production process?

To do that, information must be collected and connected seamlessly from the production systems at Shoopfloor (OT-Operation technology) to the topfloor (IT-Information technology). However, to connect data from OT to IT or vice versa also faces many difficulties due to factors related to security, technology, old machinery systems, complex and heterogeneous environment …etc

Siemens provides a comprehensive connectivity solution, blurring the gap between IT and OT, allowing to build a more flexible, optimized, and transparent digital business in the entire global production system. In the solution system of Siemens includes hardware device solutions, software solutions for installation and installation in both Shopfloor, topfloor and cloud to synchronize data safely and efficiently.
Specifically, PLC systems, inverters … are connected through direct connection standards or through Scada, Edge industry …, then the data stream will be uploaded to IT layer systems such as MES, Cloud to generate data analysis reports or data flows can also be operated from the IT layer systems down to the OT layer systems to control the production execution of the machinery and equipment creating a Seamless link between the management layers of the enterprise. Depending on the actual situation of the production system, the industrial sector or the specificity of the customer, the connected devices and software are used differently.  

With Siemens IT and OT integration system, enterprises can set up to collect, filter, analyze data, create the most suitable reports depending on their purposes to have a better view, the most comprehensive, most intuitive, anytime, anywhere of the entire production system even if that production system is in many places around the globe.

Siemens is also one of the leading units in the world today providing an open and comprehensive ecosystem called Xcelerator, serving any business needs in the process of digital transformation for businesses. corresponds to the functions of the business administration system from the Shopfloor to the topfloor and Cloud.

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