HyperLynx software Signal Integrity

HyperLynx software SI advance for High-Speed Systems Designers
HyperLynx software SI makes signal integrity analysis accessible to everyone by combining industry-leading ease of use with a focus on standards-based design and compliance analysis. Automated flows guide designers through the analysis process step by step and produce detailed reports and waveforms that document the design’s operating voltage and timing margins.


1. DDRx Interface Design

Pre-route exploration ensures designs meet protocol-specific requirements, optimizing for cost and performance.
Automated post-layout simulations validate all signals for signal quality and timing.

2. SerDes Channel Design


HyperLynx SI automates compliance analysis for over 100 protocols, including Ethernet, Fiber-Channel, HDMI, JESD, MIPI D-PHY, OIF-CEI, Pcle, and USB.

3. General- Purpose Signal Integrity

HyperLynx software interactive analysis makes it quick and easy to investigate and mitigate crosstalk, optimize terminations, and configure I/O setting.
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