HyperLynx DRC software


HyperLynx DRC software provides fast, automated electrical design rule checking and supports iterative design inspection. Designers can run complex checks for problems that are not easily simulated, such as traces crossing splits, signal return path issues, and compliance with electrical safety requirements.


1. Automating Electrical Sign-Off

HyperLynx DRC ensures design rule compliance with analog, EMI, IC packaging, power integrity, signal integrity and electrical safety requirements.

2. Graphical Error Reporting

Results are presented in spreadsheet format, cross-linked to a layout view that automatically zooms and highlights to show each issue in detail. Issue lists can also be exported to popular CAD tools.

3. Powerful Built-In Rules

HyperLynx DRC software includes 85 built-in rules in 6 groups to support multi-domain design verification. Each rule is parametizable and can be configured based on the design’s unique requirements.

4. Custom Rule Creation

HyperLynx DRC software allows creation of new rules that leverage the powerful internal geometry processing engine to verify custom requirements. Custom rules can be shared with others in the organization.

For more information, please contact:
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