Happy birthday to Vietbayers in the third quarter of 2023


In September, in the midst of gentle autumn, the season of love, Vietbayers enjoy that wonderful atmosphere to gather together to sing happy birthday tunes.

With the view that “People are the most valuable asset of an organization“, this is an opportunity for Vietbay to express gratitude for the contributions of its employees. Vietbay organizes employee quarterly birthday parties for employees. On September 9 2023, all Vietbayers attended a birthday party together at the Pantree area of the office.

The birthday program took place in a wonderful atmosphere for the main characters and other members. The program series includes: introducing the program and the main characters of the party, minigames and luncheon…

Each program creates memorable memories with a warm and meaningful space. This is not only an opportunity for everyone to relax and have fun, but also an opportunity to bond and strengthen solidarity among members throughout the company.

Let’s continue to build a united and growing community where every day is a memorable birthday. Wishing Vietbayers always be healthy, happy, successful and continue to strive, strive and unite to help Vietbay rise even higher.

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