Windows 11 –  Features that are safer, more efficient and intuitive for users


Technology is creating amazing opportunities for us, and Windows 11 is at the heart of innovation with new experiences that transform the way we interact with Windows PCs and with each other.

Here, Vietbay will introduce new features and enhancements for Windows 11 that focus on business needs, such as IT security and management, as well as new benefits that enhance usability. professional and personal.

Bringing new privacy, security, and accessibility features to your fingertips

We know that your time is precious and sometimes the little things take a long time. So with this in mind, Windows 11 delivers new and improved features for businesses with the goal of making it easier to manage and secure your organization.

1. Transparency and control in your hands

Privacy is a priority and more important than ever – customers want greater transparency and control over the use of their personal information. Windows 11 now offers presence awareness for secure logins and locks when you leave. Windows 11 offers new app privacy settings, giving customers the ability to allow or block access to presence sensor information, and to easily enable and disable presence sensing features like wake on approach/lock on leave.

2. Secure connection at a glance

With a quick view VPN on the taskbar, it’s now easy to find the status at a glance. If your device is connected to a recognized VPN, a small shield icon will appear over the active network connection on your taskbar, keeping you focused and on track. me.

Windows 11 Experience Blog Glanceable VPN
Windows 11 Experience Blog Glanceable VPN

3. Integrated security from chip to cloud with Microsoft Pluton

Microsoft continues to work closely with the partner community to deliver PCs with even greater default protection from chip to cloud. The Microsoft Pluton security processor is a key innovation in this journey. Pluton-equipped Windows 11 PCs benefit from built-in technology that provides better resilience to malware, stronger protection against hardware attacks, and additional credential protection .

4. Make it easy to know when to act and protect your files

You’ll get Start menu alerts when your account needs attention, making it easier to keep your information and PC protected.

5. Easier access to audio content

Provides a modern and accessible option to allow all customers to use audio content on Windows. Live captions appear when audio is played, including during real-time video calls. We’re excited to share that starting tomorrow, this important feature will now expand to 10 more languages across 21 regions.

Windows Experience Blog Live Captions

6. Bringing a new sustainable way to enjoy Bluetooth® Audio on PC

For the next generation of wireless audio, Bluetooth® Low Energy Audio4 is the first for the PC ecosystem. In partnership with Samsung and Intel, Bluetooth® LE Audio delivers high-quality audio with low power, delivering a better experience for your calls, videos, and music on compatible devices, including 13th Gen Intel-based PCs like the Galaxy Book3 Ultra, Galaxy Book3 Pro 360, Galaxy Book3 Pro, and earbuds like the Galaxy Buds2 Pro.

7. Stay up to date with the news and information you care about

Widgets are another great resource that people are using to stay informed in their daily lives. We are continuing to improve the layout and functionality of the widget panel. The default pane view will now have a larger layout with dedicated space for user-pinned apps and a personalized feed designed for discovery. This will highlight your news and personal widget collection so you can quickly look through it and stay up to date.

Delivering innovation designed to simplify IT for our Windows Enterprise customers

The features and enhancements above are provided as part of the regular monthly Windows update process. In addition, Windows 11 Enterprise delivers new value with ready-to-use, cloud-based capabilities when released with the goal of reducing the cost of managing and securing corporate Windows devices, to IT departments can focus on priority projects. Krones, a global manufacturer, is using Windows 11 Enterprise to create operational efficiency and save IT time, while providing employees with the latest productivity-enhancing features.

Windows Experience Blog Token Protection

1. Secure printed confidential information with QR codes

Universal Print provides a secure and reliable cloud printing solution designed to prevent leaks of confidential information. So, security Universal Print is available in QR code for Android™ to provide a step-by-step validation process including the ability to develop a command in a way that is entirely staff-only for which it is intended.

2. Make connections between your IT teams and the hybrid workplace

Blog Experience Windows Windows 365 Boot

With people working from more places, you need additional ways to connect with employees outside of email. It helps if people know about upcoming changes to their devices or remind employees about required security training.

Windows 11 will release organizational notices as part of the Windows 11 Enterprise subscription. You’ll be able to send company-branded messages from Microsoft InTune to users on a variety of Windows surfaces, such as the bulletin board, the area just above the taskbar, and the Start app.

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