What’s new in Teamcenter 2312?


Teamcenter is a modern software portfolio that can be used by organizations of any size to transform the everyday. Teamcenter is the leading choice in product lifecycle management (PLM) software, top ranked by Forrester Research, for our current offering and market presence with the highest score possible for strategy.

Below are some highlights of the latest version of Teamcenter 2312. Let’s discover how they innovate!

Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app, powered by Azure OpenAI

Teamcenter 2312 introduces the Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app, powered by Azure OpenAI. For many Teamcenter users, the mobile nature of their jobs means they spend most of their time away from a computer – especially workers on the manufacturing shop floor or service operations. The Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app connects mobile workers to the enterprise, providing easy access and greater collaboration throughout the product lifecycle.

Leveraging the latest Azure OpenAI advances in generative AI and natural language processing, the Teamcenter for Microsoft Teams app utilizes a natural language-first interface. Frontline workers can connect with Teamcenter anywhere, and simply speaking in their native language, they can easily capture product or manufacturing issues, and close the loop with the engineering teams who can solve those issues.

Experience the usability of an improved web client look and feel

The Teamcenter web client delivers greater usability with an improved look and feel that aligns the styling and layout more closely with other applications from Siemens. The restyling features a card-like appearance with an outline around each section, clearly organizing the content. The page layout is configurable, so you can create views that support your task as well as save them and quickly apply them later.  A new page-level toolbar hosts properties and context settings, along with commands that apply to the full page. Commands have been re-organized to hide the rarely used and highlight those that are most frequently used. The new Details header indicates which object is being viewed and edited, giving access to chosen properties and key actions.

Teamcenter X self-service administration for more control on administrative activities

With self-administration in Teamcenter X, you have the flexibility to designate one or more of your own users or service provider users as self-administrators. They can easily handle basic administrative tasks, addressing business user requests quickly – reducing turnaround time. Self-admins can add or update users, roles, and groups, tailoring them to your organization’s specific requirements. They can also efficiently manage in-progress workflows and perform data-related activities, such as canceling checkouts and updating properties.

Optimized product cost and CO2e emission calculations

In the Teamcenter 2312 release, we’ve introduced several new product cost management enhancements which help you to run your cost and CO2e emission calculations smoothly.

Quickly estimate transport costs and carbon footprint for your supply chain alongside all your other product cost and carbon footprint information. The integration to Siemens Digital Logistics allows you to simulate and optimize transportation costs and carbon footprint data, reducing time and errors associated with using multiple systems.

Ensure your cost calculation stays in sync with your price calculation over time. With the latest price calculator enhancements, you can easily execute mass data changes to all root parts at once, saving valuable calculation time. We’ve updated the user interface to make it easier to work with 3D data and added in-field full text search to help you find what you need faster.

Maximize the value of your cost and carbon footprint calculations with the new and updated reference data. You can also attach an Excel based calculator to create your own logic for cost and carbon footprint calculations. These improvements not only increase end-user productivity and improve data quality, but also empower end users to work more efficiently.

Use a common part library for electronic parts across NX and Xpedition

With the increasing electronics content in almost all products, sharing electronics components across the entire product definition is critical. With Teamcenter 2312, the same common 3D electronic component is now used for electronics design in Xpedition designer and NX Designer. This makes collaboration and configuration easier and faster than ever, eliminating the extra work and confusion of modeling electronic components across multiple domain

Discover more efficient change process management

Change management effects your entire product development process, and we continue to provide you better ways to track and manage change, including simple change in the previous release. Now we’ve made change management more efficient in Teamcenter 2312!

Quickly understand the progression of a change and all items associated with it with change impact analysis. You can view all impacted items related to a change or only those related to specific problems items that you select. When you add an impacted item, all associated views are automatically updated. Easily and precisely classify items and their related items as not impacted by a change to avoid unnecessary responses by stakeholders and other inefficiencies in the change management process.

When you author an assembly bill of materials (BOM) in the context of a change notice and it has either replaced, removed, or added a new line item, sometimes unintentional changes can occur. An incorrect entry might be made. With Teamcenter 2312, a new edit action allows you to revert an assembly BOM to a previous state. You can edit the BOM structure and properties more freely with confidence in automatic change tracking. By easily reverting assembly BOM modifications, you can reduce error prone and time-consuming manual effort.

Accelerate variability planning for complex configurable products

Avoid costly downstream issues during ERP or order management by planning product combinations early. Complex and configurable products can have thousands of possible combinations. With Teamcenter Product Configurator in Active Workspace, you can leverage the easy-to-use matrix UI to define models, specify when features are applicable, create complex constraints, control feature combinations that will be offered and more. Early planning with Teamcenter Product configurator allows you to ensure product developers work toward buildable combinations that meet your business goals and requirements.

Efficiently author and manage the full scope of your product definition

A digital product structure is a central part of your company’s data and processes. It must be quickly understood by all your departments, provide comprehensive coverage for authoring and configuration, and be flexible enough to handle multi-domain data.

Teamcenter Structure Management provides the comprehensive coverage your company needs for evolving, controlling, navigating, analyzing, sharing, and viewing your company’s product structures. With new dry run capabilities, you can eliminate time consuming failed imports by ensuring all business rules are validated prior to importing data into your environment. Accurately update large amounts of data in a single action with new mass update capabilities, adding or replacing multiple parts across multiple impacted assemblies at once. Additionally, you can reduce the manual effort and errors by automatically reverting a change to an EBOM or assembly BOM to a previous state.

Source: Siemens

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