VNU Vice President Pham Bao Son and South East Asia Siemens Digital Industries Software Vice President and Managing Director Alex Teo signed a cooperation agreement on research and training in technology and application techniques in Industry 4.0 context.
Previously, the two sides discussed the cooperation details. Accordingly, Siemens and VNU would jointly build a Practice Center – Industry 4.0 Lab. This center will use the latest advanced engineering technology in line with the current and future orientation and training plan of some VNU’s majors. Siemens will advise on the selection of necessary equipment and software to support hands-on training at this laboratory.

Siemens will either provide or sponsor technology (hardware and software) for the Industry 4.0 Lab corresponding to VNU’s investment stages, as well as organize training courses on technology usage and laboratory operation. Siemens will also support VNU in analyzing and evaluating curricula, practical training programs related to science, technology and innovation in Industry 4.0 context.

Periodically, the two sides will evaluate the achieved results and discuss the next working plan in accordance with the effective period of the agreement

According to Mr. Alex Teo, the more engineering technology develops, the narrower the boundary between majors becomes, which requires connectivity and linkage among the majors within a broad area. Therefore, he highly appreciated VNU’s multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training and research orientation to train high-quality human resources capable of adapting and participating in solving science and technology problems of Vietnam and the world.
Advising that VNU is mobilizing its resources to expand the study and research space at Hoa Lac campus, VNU Vice President Pham Bao Son expected the support and funding in terms of science and technology from Siemens to help further accelerate this process. VNU Vice President Pham Bao Son hoped that Siemens would provide integrated solutions, not only focusing on the engineering technology majors currently offered by VNU, but also on developing other fields such as Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Economics, etc.

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