Vietbay Gala 15th Anniversary – Amazing show

      The special Vietbay Gala this year celebrated the 15th birthday, the extremely memorable milestone and the pride of any business. 15 years with many changes which has created Vietbay as the strong brand not only in Vietnam but also in Southeast Asia.
Vietbay Gala was warmed up with a video clip recreating many images, the faces of previous and current Vietbay staff members, many activities through the formation, growth and development of the Company in 15 years, a very long way for a high-tech company, more specifically led by a businesswoman.

Ms. Dam Thi Hong Lan – Founder and General Director of Vietbay opened the Gala with a touching speech sharing: “It is love that holds me, empowers me to build up and develop Vietbay, so today I look back to see many achievements that are very proud. Thank you very much to all Vietbay members for many generations – who have contributed to the strong Vietbay today. Thank you our Parents, Spouses, Children – our beloved ones who have always been with us, loved and shared with us. We all wish and always wish each other happiness and success. So, what is happiness? What is success? For me Happiness is when we are ourselves, we do what we love. Success is when I have a dream and know how to achieve that dream. And today, right now, allow me to share my love, happiness and success with everyone – my Mom, my Husband, my Children, my Colleagues and all of you.”

Working in technology business which changes rapidly with strong influence on economies and industries, Vietbay leaders and employees always keep innovative thinking and creative actions and improve service quality to meet the higher demands of customers. Recognizing the dedication and continuous efforts of the staff, the Board of Management awarded trophies and rewards for the Best Team, the Best Performer of the year 2018, and grateful to the employees who have special contributions to the Company in 15 of growth and development.

Highlight of the gala night was “Amazing show” with music, Vietbay talent shows, and fun games … Seeing Vietbay’s youthfulness through exciting dance “Sharing each moment”; listening to the flute “Spring in the H’Mong village”; being harmony with the joy of welcoming spring “The day of spring with dragon and phoenix reunion”; and enjoying the gentle dance of the village girl “a Lunch dream”. Everyone raises their glasses to congratulate Vietbay’s successes, as well as freely share, enjoy the joy of connecting, music, dance, gameshows and entertainments of the Vietbay gala.

Thank you to the distinguished Guest, Sponsors and all Vietbayers for your participation and sharing with Vietbay. Staring new stage with a rich experience and comprehensive capabilities, with the new strategy “More Value with Trust”, and strong position of the leader in last 15 years, Vietbay believe in stronger growth in the digital era.


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