Vietbay and Siemens exchanged and discussed cooperation with University of Economics – Technology for Industries (UNETI)


Vietbay and Siemens exchanged and discussed cooperation with University of Economics – Technology for Industries (UNETI)


On the morning of June 9, 2022, University of Economics Technology For Industries welcomed, met, discussed and cooperated with Vietbay Company, Siemens at 218 Linh Nam, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi. .

Attend the Discussion:

On the side of Vietbay Company, there are Ms. Dam Thi Hong Lan – Director; Mr. Cao Van Lanh – Technical Director of Vietbay.

On the Siemens side, Mr. Luong Van Minh – Siemens Technical Expert.

On the side of the University of Economics Technology For Industries, there are Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hoai – President of the School Council and Leaders of faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Information Technology, Electronics and International Cooperation Center


Overview of the cooperation discussion

At the beginning of the cooperation discussion, University of Economics Technology For Industries gave a general introduction about the University, and international cooperation activities, followed by a detailed introduction about the Faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Information technology, Electronics and  laboratories, experiments and scientific research activities.


Dr. Pham Thi Thu Hoai – President of the School Council

After the introduction of the University, Ms. Dam Thi Hong Lan – Director of Vietbay introduced the trend of smart manufacturing technology and digitization solutions of Siemens. Industry 4.0 laboratory system has the function of researching and developing science and technology topics and conducting training courses to provide high-quality human resources, ensuring to meet the needs of businesses, market and society. This laboratory system includes a full range of solutions to meet the requirements of product design and development, mold processing, 3D printing connectivity, factory digitization, planning and operation. production, automation connection and data collection in the cloud (IoT) in line with the technology trend of Industry 4.0. The Digital Industry Laboratory is also a Practical Training Center that is currently being built by many universities and large corporations. The Digital Industrial Laboratory system can have one or more interconnected centers. For example, the Digital Factory Lab – Smart Factory Lab may include 5 Zones: 

  • Zone 1- Product design and Validation; 

  • Zone 2 – Tool Engineering and additive; 

  • Zone 3 – Digital Manufacturing; 

  • Zone 4 – Basic automation system;

  • Zone 5 – Advanced automation system

Ms. Dam Thi Hong Lan – Director of Vietbay presented  Industry 4.0 laboratory

After that, Mr. Minh – Siemens Technical Expert presented about Siemens and why we have to choose Siemens. Siemens is currently the only company in the world that provides a full range of hardware and software to meet the entire industrial production chain from the development of product ideas to production and use of products with full technology that supports the management of the entire product lifecycle. Siemens is rated as the world’s number 1 in technology solutions to promote digitization in production, Siemens solutions are also being used a lot in businesses, so after being trained at the school, students will be able to immediately meet the job requirements at enterprises without the need for additional training. Siemens technology removes barriers, gap between engineering disciplines in training, including mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, computational simulation, collaboration, software development, automation, systems management. Siemens platform can be applied to many different industry sectors suitable for multidisciplinary training at schools, from high-tech fields such as aerospace, electronics and semiconductors, to automotion, motorcycles, Consumer products