Use Windows 11 features to inspire creativity and speed up your daily work


The latest Windows 11 update is filled with new features to inspire your creativity and speed up the tasks you do every day – while helping you get them done more easily.

  • Are you ready to upgrade or buy a new PC but don’t know how to make the switch quickly and easily? Windows Backup is always ready to support you every step of the way.
  • Are you in a rush to plan healthy meals for the week and finding the time to do so is a challenge? Copilot in Windows can make planning and creating shopping lists a breeze.
  • Want to unleash your inner creativity and the brand you have in mind? Powerful creative tools help you turn ideas into reality easier and faster.

In the Photos app, find images faster with advanced search, background blur, and custom effects

With Copilot in Windows (preview), you can launch apps, get your questions answered, and more with an everyday AI companion at your fingertips.

Describe your artistic idea to Cocreator in Paint (preview) and the AI-powered tool will generate an image to start your illustration.

Clipchamp’s new auto-edit feature helps you create videos faster by stitching scenes together to make it easier for you to start editing.

Create phishing-proof, recoverable passcodes on any app or website that supports them, then use Windows Hello to sign in.

Moving to a new Windows 11 PC is easier than ever with Windows Backup, so you can quickly pick up where you left off from your previous device.

Presence Sensor on Windows 11 introduces adaptive dimming to reduce power usage when you’re not using your PC.

Snipping Tool adds the ability to record audio and voice using your PC’s microphone, and AI allows text to be transcribed and redacted from screenshots.

Narrator uses natural speech transitions so people can navigate through their PC without a mouse. Now it is expanded to more language

Source: Microsoft

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