Happy birthday to Vietbayers in Q3-2019


In august of autumn, gentle with a little cold will make people need each other, want to get closer together and love each other… In wonderful weather, Vietbayers to sing the Birthday song together. . . 

Happy birthday to Vietbayers

With the viewpoint of “People are the most valuable asset of an organization”, this is an opportunity for Vietbay to say thanks to employees’ contributions,  the birthday party is held periodically by Vietbay. On 3/8/2019, all Vietbayers joined the Birthday party at the office’s Pantree area and the online participation of Ho Chi Minh team.

The Birthday party takes place with the wonderful atmosphere with the main characters and other members. The series includes: introduction party and main characters, speculation, minigames and lunch party…

All Vietbayers send their best wishes to lovely colleagues. Mini games make the atmosphere more exciting than ever. Lunch is an opportunity for Vietbayers can talk and connect together.

The winner team The second team Ho Chi Minh team

                                 The winner team                                  The second team                               Ho Chi Minh team



Vietbay hopes that periodic programs will increase the connection and bond Vietbayers together. The final, wish all Vietbayers a lot of health, success in work, happiness in life and always make outstanding contributions to Vietbay to grow stronger and stronger.  

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