Getting started with the new Outlook for Windows

The new Outlook for Windows brings the latest features, intelligent assisted capabilities and a new modern and simplified design to your Outlook app. You can tailor it to your style and do more with new Outlook for Windows!

Try the preview, start the journey with us, and help us shape the future of new Outlook for Windows.

Important: New Outlook for Windows supports Exchange-backed Microsoft 365 work or school accounts, accounts, and Gmail. Currently, the new Outlook for Windows does not support other account types like Yahoo!, iCloud, or other account types connecting through POP/IMAP protocols. New Outlook for Windows also does not currently support On-Premises, Hybrid, or Sovereign Exchange deployments.


What should I check out?

Pin emails

Do you ever have trouble tracking down that key email thread you’re actively responding to? Or is there an email with key information you frequently refer to? Now, simply right-click any message and choose Pin and that email will appear at the top of your inbox, saving you time from having to go back and search for it.


Snooze email

Sometimes email is very important, but not yet. With the Snooze feature, you can schedule a time for the email to be re-delivered to your inbox, appearing at the time you want it to, so you can handle it when it’s the right time for you. Just right-click any message and choose Snooze, or select Snooze from the ribbon. Then choose the time you want it to be delivered.


Schedule when to send email

In today’s hybrid work world, your day might be someone else’s night, so you don’t want to send an email to someone in the middle of the night. With the new Outlook, it’s simple to send an email when you want to. Just select the dropdown arrow next to Send and choose Schedule send.



You might be familiar with categories, but they’ve been significantly upgraded. See the category names and colors directly on your messages in your inbox. Want to see everything you’ve tagged with that category? Just click it right on your message. You can even add a category to your Favorites.


Support for key Outlook features

Feature Outlook on the web Outlook for Windows Windows Mail app New Outlook for Windows
Pin emails
Pin a message to move it to the top of your inbox so it’s easy to find later
Yes*** No No Yes

Snooze emails

Snooze an email to temporarily remove it from your inbox and schedule it to appear as a new mail for later, when you can respond
Yes No No Yes

My Day view

Use My Day to see your upcoming calendar events
and tasks anywhere in Outlook, including Mail, Calendar, and People
Yes Yes** No Yes

Inbox rules

Use inbox rules to automatically perform specific actions on email that arrives in your inbox
Yes Yes No Yes

Conversation settings

You can change the appearance of the message list and reading pane. Email in the message list can be displayed as individual messages or grouped by conversation
Yes Yes Yes Yes

Loop components

Use loop components to collaborate within Outlook.
Yes No No Yes
Microsoft 365 account
Support for Microsoft 365 account.
Yes Yes Yes Yes account
Support for account.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
3rd party (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) accounts
Support for 3rd party accounts.
Yes*** Yes Yes Yes***
Multi-account support
Access multiple accounts from your Outlook client.
Yes*** Yes Yes Yes
PST file support
Use a PST file (Outlook Data File) to backup or export items from your email accoun
No Yes No No*

Allow someone else to manage your mailbox and calendar.
Yes Yes No Yes

Shared mailboxes
Allow groups of users to monitor and send emails from a shared mailbox.

Yes Yes No Yes
Offline support No Yes Yes No*

Web add-ins
Integrations built on Outlook by using our modern web-based platform.

Yes Yes No Yes

COM Add-ins
Integrations built on Outlook using COM integration.

No Yes No No
Source: Microsoft

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