CNC Simulate with 3D model of CNC Machine


CAM programmers and CNC machine operators must be very familiar with Cimco Edit software to edit and simulate NC toolpaths.

Recently, Cimco has launched a new module Machine Simulation that allows configuration and simulation of machining with 3D models of CNC machines. This is especially useful for improving simulation accuracy and safety for CNC machining, especially for multi-axis milling or combined mill-turning machining, thereby helping engineers to You can optimize the machining program and feel secure when actually running it on the machine.

The main functions of Cimco Machine simulation include:

  • Allows comprehensive control over the simulation process involving graphical interactions such as zooming, rotating, moving, adjusting speed, displaying tools and cutting paths.
  • Simulate and display machining stock, with many options to define stocks or import stocks geometry from stl data files. Simulation results can be exported into stl files.
  • Automatically detect collisions and output reports, displaying the collision location on geometry and the NC code line corresponding to the station collision position, the simulation process will be paused right at the collision location for observation.
  • You can download a library of popular CNC machines that includes preconfig for simulation, integrated machine manufacturers model such as DMG, Haas, Doosan…, in addition, users can also configure the device yourself.
  • Controlling the axis travel, all programs and in which the movement of the axis exceeds the travel limit of the machine axis are warned.
  • Integrate with CAM software such as MasterCAM, SolidCAM or other CAM software to convert tool data, holder or other geometric data.

Through the use of CNC machining simulation modules with 3D models of the machine, the process of operating and using the machine is safer, eliminating risks related to machine collisions. Minimize setup time and scrap as the machining process has been evaluated from the outset. Switch quickly and safely between processing machines, train technical personnel right in the virtual environment.

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