The exciting Vietbay Best Presenter Contest


On 11th May 2019, the Vietbay Best Presenter Contest was organized for the first time with the aim of creating an opportunity for Vietbay staff to show their abilities and to standardize their knowledge and professional working skills.

The contest received enthusiastic response and participation of all Vietbay members are working at different business units and departments. It was showed through the time of preparing and investing effort and brainpower into the presentation with diverse topics directly related to work or sharing life skills and experiences. The atmosphere of the competition is hotter than ever and one thing is easy to see, Vietbay-ers are all passionate and talented people.

                                   The exciting Vietbay Best Presenter Contest 2019

Regardless of your work at any position, any department in Vietbay, you have plenty opportunities to show your knowledge, skills and your points of view. If you are Sales or Pre-sales, your presentations are for customers. If you work in the back office such as Human Resources, Finance and Accounting department, your audience will be recruiting candidates, and all employees in the company. Moreover, you will be trained and fostered by a team of experts to improve your knowledge and skills. And, of course, attractive prizes are an indispensable thing!

                                  The exciting Vietbay Best Presenter Contest 2019

The Vietbay Best Presenter Contest 2019 has been completed successfully with the first prize awarded to an IT Sales, two runner-ups for Ho Chi Minh office and Finance