Solution for plant simulation of Siemens

In the era of Industry 4.0, digitalization of production is now an indispensable trend of technology fields worldwide. Digitization is applied to everything related to the production process, in other words, digitization is creating Virtual Twin of all things in plant (factory virtual model, production line virtual model, machinery, equipment, people, vehicles, documents, processes, digital signatures…). Applying digitization to the manufacturing process enables businesses to plan, assess feasibility, predict risks and optimize the entire production process.

Understanding the digital demand and necessity of the above, many large technology companies in the world have built solutions to help businesses build digital Twin of production plants and optimize them. One of the most strongly applied solutions in the world today is Siemens Technomatic Plant Simulation – a software that allows the simulation, visualization, analy­sis and optimization of production systems and logistics processes. Using Plant Simulation enables you to optimize mate­rial flow, resource utilization and logistics for all levels of factory management, from global facilities and local plants to specific produc­tion lines.



As cost reduction, delivery time to optimize profits become increasingly urgent, logistics has become a key factor in the success of a company. Simulation not only allows users to simulate different production scenarios or processes but does not affect the current actual production situation, but can also be used to plan production processes. before actual production. With extensive analysis tools, statistics, charts, Plant Simulation allows users to evaluate different production scenarios from which to make fast and reliable decisions during the planning stage. production plan.
Simulation helps you to:
– Detects and eliminates problems that if you do not handle, they will need costly and time-consuming remedies during production
– Minimize investment costs of the production line without jeopardizing the necessary output
– Optimize the performance and energy use of existing production systems by implementing verified measures in simulation environments prior to deployment
With the above capabilities, Technomatic Plant Simulation helps businesses improve their current productivity, minimize investment costs for new production plans, minimize inventories, optimize system sizes, minimize Investment risk due to virtual testing and validation before conducting the practice, maximizing the use of factory resources




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