Windows Photos gets Generative erase, and recent AI editing features now available on Arm64 devices and Windows 10


Microsoft’s Windows Photos app now has its own universal removal tool that allows users to replace unwanted objects with AI-generated content.

This new capability builds on the previous ‘Spot fix’ feature that helps retouch photos and remove blemishes and other missing image areas.

However, the newly introduced “Generative erase” tool produces more realistic results after removing objects from photos, even when working with large areas, compared to “Spot fix’.

Microsoft says its popular Spot debugging tool has been improved with the help of AI and is now called Generative eras in the app.

This feature allows you to fix and remove distracting details from your photos, like background objects or visual clutter.

To use the Generative eras feature:

  • Perform image editing Edit image and select the Erase option.
  • Scan over the objects or areas you want to remove.
  • Adjust the brush size to get the right level of precision you need

You can turn off Auto Apply to add or remove masks for more precise control or remove multiple objects at once. Each mask represents an area that will be erased and filled with AI-generated content.

This feature is currently in development for Windows Insiders across all channels, including Windows 10 systems in the Release Preview Channel.

To gain access, Windows Insiders must update Windows Photos to version 2024.11020.21001.0 or later.

The Windows Insider team also announced that Microsoft is making all the AI-powered editing features of the Windows Photos app available to Arm64 devices using Windows 11.

These features include background blur, Background Remove and Replace, and Generative Erase, which the company began testing today.

Furthermore, Windows 10 users can now also access these AI-powered photo editing tools, which were previously only available on Windows 11 systems.

Source: windows

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