Where is the best place to buy Mentor Graphics copyrighted software today? 


Mentor Graphics used to be a famous American supplier of software for designing and analyzing chips and semiconductor electronic products. In 2017, Siemens acquired and changed its name to Siemens EDA, becoming part of the giant industrial software ecosystem of Siemens Industries Software

After more than 6 years of acquiring Mentor Praphics, Siemens Industries Software has invested resources to develop and synchronously integrate solutions together on the same overall ecosystem for many fields of mechanics, electronics, and automation,… They are collectively called Xcelerators.  The new solution product suite is more complete, smarter, with better integration capabilities, and better meets the needs of many different customers.

These are software Tanner, Aprisa, Tessent, Questa… for designing and verifying digital ICs, analog ICs or custom ICs, Caliber Software – For Physical Verification, Valor NPI – To check design and prepare data suitable for manufacturing technology (Design for Manufacturability), Hyperlynx – To design and verify signals, power, DRC of high-speed systems (High-speed System Design & Verification), PADs – PCB design for small teams (PCB design for small teams), Xpedition – PCB design for enterprise teams (PCB design for enterprise teams). 

However, with a product solution set of up to hundreds of different types, with many detailed modules with different features and benefits. Therefore, choosing the right solution with the lowest cost is something that any customer is interested. In addition, the company’s copyright policy has also been converted to a subscription form, sold as a SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This is an inevitable trend of technology companies today.  

Therefore, we recommend that customers contact and work directly with the current genuine authorized distributor of Siemens EDA (Mentor Graphics). This helps ensure product selection that best meets their needs at the most optimal cost, and at the same time receive the best technical consulting support before, during and after sales. 

TOP 5 reasons to buy the copyright of Siemens EDA (Mentor Graphics) chip and semiconductor design software from Vietbay: 

  1. Recently, Vietbay became the only authorized distributor of Siemens EDA (Mentor Graphics) in Vietnam. It received training and technology transfer from the company on IC/PCB design, information on copyright policies, and knowledge of the latest technology in the semiconductor electronics industry. 
  2. Be advised on the most optimal technical solution, meeting user needs, and being consistent with industry and market trends. 
  3. Ensure genuine and legally distributed software at the best market price. 
  4. 24/7 technical support, free upgrades, and new feature updates 
  5. Technical and commercial support from Siemens EDA according to the company’s current policies.

Contact Vietbay – Distributor of Siemens EDA (Mentor Graphics) for more information:

Mobile/Viber/Zalo/Whatsapp: 091 929 5520 

Email: [email protected] 

Find out more:  

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