Vietbay participated in the National Productivity Forum 2023 and brought the most advanced technology solutions to help businesses improve productivity.


On December 12, in Hanoi, the National Productivity Forum 2023, chaired by the Ministry of Science and Technology, in coordination with domestic and international ministries and organizations, took place.  

With the theme “Accelerating Vietnam’s development with productivity drivers based on science, technology, and innovation,” within the framework of the Forum, four thematic seminars were organized, including: 

  • Improve the quality of regulations and policies to promote productivity; 
  • Scientific, technological, and innovative solutions promote productivity; 
  • Developing human resources to promote productivity; 
  • Promote quality productivity in provinces and cities. 

There will also be a plenary session, including important content aimed at promoting sustainable productivity growth. 

At the forum, Minister of Science and Technology Huynh Thanh Dat said that productivity is one of the most important factors to promote economic growth and improve people’s lives. Promoting productivity is a topic that all countries around the world are interested in and want to implement. In the socio-economic development strategy of a country as well as a locality, productivity is a fundamental factor in achieving basic growth goals. 

Therefore, Vietbay, as a leading software technology company with the mission of bringing quality solutions to improve production for businesses, was present at the forum at booth 05. 

We have brought the most advanced technologies to solve existing business problems: 

  • Improve product quality by improving and innovating designs to meet the rapidly changing and increasingly complex needs of the market. 
  • Optimize the work process: enhance teamwork and reduce communication time during work, thereby helping to save time and human resources. 
  • Enhance security, predict risks, and propose solutions to help save design and production costs, operating management costs, etc. 

At this event, we provided customers with extremely interesting knowledge and experiences: 

  • Customers can directly explore and experience the most modern design, machining, and simulation software. Not only is it theoretical, but customers can also test it on the spot! 
  • Customers were guided, had all their questions answered, and shared experiences with Vietbay’s leading technology experts. 

In conclusion, with its presence at the National Productivity Forum 2023, Vietbay wishes to contribute to promoting the development and improving productivity in Vietnam through the sharing of advanced technology solutions. We hope that our presence will bring practical value to both customers and the industry community

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