Vietbay – 10 years as a comprehensive strategic partner of Siemens DISW in Vietnam


The strategic cooperation relationship between Vietbay and Siemens Digital Industries Software has entered its 11th year. 

Since 2014, when it became the first Vietnamese company to be an authorized partner of Siemens PLM, Vietbay has clearly defined the goal of long-term cooperation. Vietbay is also determined to always be an indispensable part of Siemens PLM on the path of market development and the transfer of Siemens’ excellent technology solutions to industries in Vietnam.

Accordingly, not only does Vietbay build appropriate strategies and business plans, but it also always strives to fulfill its commitments to develop a dedicated professional staff for Siemens, achieving annual business targets. Awards for Best New Partner in Asia Pacific in 2014, First Gold Partner in Vietnam in 2017, Best Marketing Partner in Asean in 2018 and a series of awards that Vietbay regularly receives every years as Best Technical Consulting Partner, Best Sales Partner, Best Maintenance Service Sales Partner… is Siemens DISW’s recognition for the contributions and dedication of Vietbay company and its expertise in the Vietnamese market. Those are also proofs of the commitment of Vietbay’s leaders and employees when cooperating with Siemens. 

After 10 years of cooperation, Vietbay has now become a comprehensive strategic partner of Siemens: Solution Provider Partner (Siemens Solution PLM Partner), Educational Development Partner (Academic Partner), Authorized Training Partner of Siemens in Vietnam (Siemens Authorized Training Partner). The most recently Vietbay is the Authorized Partner providing technology solutions for chip design and manufacturing and semiconductor products of Siemens EDA (Mentor Graphics). In recent years, hundreds of customers are businesses, research institutes, and schools that need investment advice on digital technology solutions, digital transformation solutions in production, CHIP design software and Semiconductor electronic components or simply need to purchase a license for CAD design software, CAM processing with the best technical services…. completely trust when cooperating with Vietbay. 

Entering a new phase of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) development, Vietbay aims to innovate strongly and continue to cooperate with Siemens to promote digital transformation consulting activities and provide Digital solutions by industry, digital laboratories, innovation centers and professional software services for the semiconductor electronics, automotive, aerospace and aviation industries, and education and training… in the Vietnamese market.

There is no success without difficulties, but trust and commitment in our partnership will help us overcome all challenges to achieve new milestones together. With partner development strategies and Siemens’ commitment to accompany in the spirit of “Success together” to “Strong together”…. and now “Own the future. Be the change” and the recorded 10-year cooperation history, Vietbay believes that this strategic cooperation relationship will enter a new, brighter path and achieve more brilliant results.


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