Machining Programming with Siemens NX CAM (Advance, multi axis)

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    5 days (30 hours)

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Training course: Machining Programming with Siemens NX CAM (Advance, multi axis) provides knowledge of NX software for machining programming on multi-axis CNC milling machines (3+2 axes, 4 axes, 5 axes). At the same time, the training course also helps to improve machining programming skills and increase work efficiency. Engineers are trained to create milling programs on multi-part machining centers and are proficient in NX skills and code associated with multi-threading. After the training, engineers can apply new skills and knowledge to actual products.

Point of Difference

  • VTC is the first and only authorized traning center of Siemens in Vietnam
  • Standard curriculum has been translated into Vietnamese
  • Experienced instructors
  • Modern and high resolution computers and devices, 100% copyrighted software installed