With the goal of promoting Vietbay’s culture, encouraging employees, and creating a happy, friendly space, on November 25, 2023, the entire Vietbayers gathered in Pantree to sing “Happy Birthday” for people with birthdays in the 4th quarter. 

In the new age, Vietbay wishes everyone to always be happy, young, and successful. Together we will grow stronger  

Happy birthday to our boss and employees with birthdays in the 4th quarter 

The birthday party includes an introduction to the party and its main people, minigames, and lunch. Each part creates unforgettable memories and emotions. 

Vietbayers focus on the minigame “Guess the fairy tales” 

Friendly space, sparkling candles, cheerful faces, and radiant smiles created a wonderful atmosphere at this birthday party. Let’s look back at these memorable moments! 

Congratulations to our winning team 
Vietbayers are excited about the party 

Any gift can fade over time; only emotional moments remain in the heart forever. Giving emotional moments is an extremely valuable gift that Vietbay wishes to bring to all employees with birthdays this quarter. 

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