Combine images in Photoshop


Collage of photos using Photoshop is one of the operations that “newbies” need to understand clearly in the process of learning design. There are actually many ways we can combine images together, but today Vietbay will share with you a method to make the photo look as harmonious and beautiful as possible.

Step 1: Choose your layer

Click the small box on the round flowers layer (Window > Layers) to make it visible. Then click to select the layer.

Step 2: Pick a flower

Choose the Object Selection tool and hover over each flower. Click on the center flower once the pink highlight appears.

Step 3: See the details

In the options bar at the top, click Select and Mask. Select the View Mode in the Properties panel that best shows the edges of the selected flower.

Step 4: Trim the excess

Brush along the outside edges of the flower with the Refine Edge brush to tidy up the petals. Use the [ ] keys on your keyboard to adjust the brush size as you work. Set the output to Layer Mask in the properties panel to place the selection of the flower on its own layer.

Pro tip: Try other selection tools with Select and Mask, such as Quick Selection, to see what works best for your image.

Step 5: Complete the composite

Choose the Move tool and drag the flower where you want it. Drag the flower layer in the Layers panel to put it in front of, or behind, other elements. Make the rest of the layers visible to bring the scene to life.


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