Adobe MAX 2023: Introducing the next generation of creativity, powered by AI


Adobe MAX announced the latest version of Adobe Creative Cloud, with over 100 new features across Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and more, including magical new creative AI features powered by three models Adobe Firefly new platform for images, vectors and designs.
These updates bring even more innovation to creators of all kinds — built right into the creative workflows you use every day.

Next-Gen Firefly offers more quality, control and integration into creative workflows

The momentum around Firefly has been awesome to see. The creative community has generated more than 3 billion images using the first Firefly Image Model since we released it back in March with 1 billion of those images generated in the last month alone. Today, we introduced the next generation of Firefly’s image generation capabilities with a massively improved model. Available now in beta in the Adobe Firefly web app, Adobe Firefly Image 2 Model significantly advances creator control and image quality. The next chapter of generative AI for imaging provides larger model capacity and better image generation — making it faster and easier to realize your creative vision and tell your story with high quality outputs. And just like the first Firefly image model, Firefly Image 2 was designed to generate content that’s safe to use in your commercial work.

Firefly Image Model 2 powers new Text to Image capabilities in the Firefly web application, including Generative Match, allows you to generate new images in the same style of existing images. In the Firefly web app, we provide reference images, so you’ll be able to generate multiple images all with a consistent look and feel. Or, you can also upload your own reference image — provided you confirm you have permission to use it. You can also apply and adjust Photo Settings to generated images, including depth of field, motion blur, field of view, and more, much like you could do with a physical camera lens. And you can adjust the visual intensity of generated images to make them more photorealistic, artistic or surreal.

Generative Match offers massive time savings for everyone charged with scaling up content production while also making sure it aligns with a brand’s look-and-feel. We continue to advocate for new laws and are introducing new policies to protect creators from bad actors misusing their content. We are advocating for Congress to pass the FAIR Act, modernizing laws so creators can take action against people impersonating their style or likeness without their permission. And we are putting safeguards in place in our products to promote responsible use of Generative Match. 

We’re also making it even easier to bring assets you’ve generated in the Adobe Firefly app into other creative workflows. Now, you can share links to your generated images, including information about the text prompt you used to help others understand how to create similar images. And you can save images you’ve generated with Firefly to Libraries, enabling you to reopen the images in Creative Cloud apps like Photoshop and Illustrator.

A person with colorful hair Description automatically generated

More AI innovation for creative professionals in Creative Cloud Apps

  • Less than a month ago, we made the power of generative AI in Adobe Photoshop with Generative Fill and Generative Expand generally available. These Firefly-powered features are deeply embedded into Photoshop selection and layers — giving you complete control enabling to make any creative vision a reality. Generative Fill and Generative Expand have become some of the most used features in Photoshop after being introduced in beta just 5 months ago.
  • Today, we’re introducing AI-powered features across our creative apps with updates to Illustrator, Lightroom, Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Adobe Stock. You can get access to these new features by updating your apps to the latest versions.
  • Creative generative AI in Adobe Illustrator. We’re introducing the first incarnation of a new generative AI feature with Text to Vector Graphic, powered by the new Firefly Vector Model. Available now in beta in the Illustrator desktop app, Text to Vector Graphic lets you quickly and easily generate a wide array of editable vector graphics, including icons, scenes, and patterns from a simple text prompt. Text to Vector Graphic is the perfect way to get inspiration, jump-start a project, or generate new graphics based on the style of your own work. Generated vector graphics are fully editable, scalable, and created non-destructively as a new layer, so you can edit and adjust them however you see fit. Text to Vector Graphic is just the beginning of a journey to deliver revolutionary vector graphic creation and empower creative workflows with generative AI in Illustrator.
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  • More time-saving AI features in Illustrator. Illustrator is also adding two new AI-powered tools that speed up your workflows. Retype, available now in beta in the Adobe Illustrator desktop app, turns static text in an image or photo into edible text in Adobe Illustrator by identifying similar fonts on Adobe Fonts. Mockup, available now in beta in the Adobe Illustrator desktop app, lets you take vector graphics and preview “real-life” application mockups, intelligently placing your graphics on printed goods, physical signage, apparel, product packaging, digital devices, and more, all right within the Illustrator desktop app.
  • Text-Based Editing improvements in Adobe Premiere Pro. The award-winning new Text-Based Editing is getting a major update with automatic filler word detection, now generally available in the Premiere Pro desktop app. Text-Based Editing now automatically identifies “ums” and “uhs” in transcribed dialogue, and you can quickly remove those filler words, pauses or any other unwanted dialogue in one step using bulk delete. The latest version of Premiere Pro also includes massive 5x timeline performance improvements for faster editing and new color preferences and improved tone mapping to make it easier to get great color. Share for Review, available now in beta in Premiere Pro, provides a truly native experience for faster content sharing and collaboration. In Premiere Pro (beta), we’re making it easier than ever to create and share content across social platforms with new Facebook, TikTok and YouTube integrations.
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  • AI-powered Roto Brush in Adobe After Effects. The Roto Brush in After Effects helps you quickly isolate objects in footage, separating a foreground object from a background for creating visual effects and compositions. Now, hard-to-isolate objects such as overlapping limbs, hair, and transparencies are separated from their background with ease thanks to an all-new AI model in the popular Roto Brush tool. Plus, After Effects (beta) now offers a true 3D workspace, opening the door to an entirely new way to design in motion.

  • New AI features and updates to Adobe Lightroom. Available now in Lightroom, Lightroom Classic, and Lightroom mobile is the new AI-powered Lens Blur. Lens Blur makes it easy to add an aesthetic blur effect to any part of a photo. The all-new editing experience in Lightroom mobile makes it faster and more intuitive to edit photos on your phone, prioritizing the most popular photo editing features. Lightroom is also introducing HDR Optimization, enabling anyone to edit and export photos with brighter highlights, deeper shadows, and more vivid colors, only possible with high dynamic range (HDR) support.
  • Generative AI tools in Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock is introducing new Adobe Firefly-powered tools: Text to Image enables Stock users to transform text prompts into unique, captivating images and Expand Image enables users to extend images beyond their aspect ratios with content generated by Adobe Firefly generative AI.

Bringing generative AI to everyone in Adobe Express

Adobe Express is the AI-first, all-in-one content creation app to quickly make social media posts, videos, documents, and so much more. Adobe Express Premium, with access to all premium features and assets in Adobe Express, is included in most Creative Cloud plans. Today, we’re introducing new generative AI capabilities in Adobe Express with Generative Fill and Text to Template, powered by the new Firefly Design Model. These capabilities build on existing features like Text to Image and Text Effects to help you create content faster in Express using the power of generative AI.

With Generative Fill, you can insert, remove, or replace objects and people in images using simple text descriptions, supported by the same technology that powers Generative Fill in Adobe Photoshop. Text to Template enables you to generate extraordinary, editable templates for social posts, flyers, cards, and more from a text description. With Text to Template, you can enter a prompt describing your desired topic, style, or occasion and generate unique, customizable templates for your exact needs.

These new features highlighted here are just a sampling of everything Adobe released today. From brand new generative AI models to new features to performance enhancements and bug fixes — we continue to reinvent workflows and innovate faster than ever. We’re excited for you to start exploring and can’t wait to see what you create!


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