Advanced Machine Engineering


Enabling the plan-to-production innovation process can be difficult. With Siemens PLM Software’s machine design solution, Advanced Machine Engineering, your company can immediately begin the digital innovation journey and improve productivity. Our Advanced Machine Engineering solution ensures greater certainty in the development of mature machines, reducing ramp-up time in production through virtual design and commissioning, resulting in better upfront validation, shorter commissioning times, and more immediate productivity.

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In the world of industrial machinery manufacturing, there is one word that can describe the current challenges these companies face: complexity.
This complexity includes a rapidly increasing amount of software required inside machines, competitive globalization, shrinking margins, customer requirements for more customized machines, environmental and government regulations, as well as Industry 4.0 and other smart factory initiatives.
In the face of these pressures, it is clear that machines need to be smarter. If you are unable to address the complexity that comes with adding software to your machines, develop an advanced machine from customer requirements or compete aggressively on a global basis, your days of profitable growth are limited. Essentially, the core requirement is to become more innovative in machine design and operation as well as the development process.
Industrial machinery manufacturers must be able to design, engineer and commission machines virtually in order to optimize performance, improve quality and maximize margins. In doing so, you can also improve the speed and efficiency of the design process chain, increase collaboration across the domains, ensure reproducibility and efficiency of manufacturing processes, and meet regulatory needs with advanced mechatronic design.

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