What’s new in NX1872 Serial


Currently Siemens has released a new version NX1872 Serial, the current update is NX1884. With many new enhancements that help both design productivity and many useful tools, here we introduce a number of new design features in NX 1872 as follows:

Shadow Curve Feature: Creation of silhouette and shadow curves

Flexible associate command to create silhouette profile curves on bodies and projection of silhouettes to target

–  Create radiating from point or parallel to vector
–  Create silhouette curves on the body
–  Create shadow outline curves on plane, cylinder, sphere or sheet body.

Styled Corner – Improved Quality and Shape

Match the degree and segmentation of the input blends

       –  Styled corner algorithm has been refactored to improve quality and shape with the default settings
       –  Implemented advanced curve fitting to control parameterization of the output corner as needed
Thicken – Multi Body Input Support

Select multiple disconnected faces, regions, or bodies to thicken in a single operation.

      –  Uses standard face recipe selection
Texture Modeling Command

Apply 2D graphics and textures onto a 3D model as 3D geometry.

–  Automatically flattens 3D geometry into 2D UV parameter space
–  Transform, Scale and Pattern
–  Emboss or Punch Through
–  Multiple image support

Blend Pocket – Additional Use Cases

Hundreds of additional use cases have been evaluated to improve the robustness and accuracy of blends.

–  End Mill
–  Result better approximated manufactured result when endmill cannot fit in a tight region
–  Improved Swarf and Floor Cutting result
–  T-Cutter
–  Result better approximates manufactured result

Convergent Modeling – Morph Mesh Feature

Interactively edit of convergent bodies using subdivision “like” methods

–  Select 1 or more convergent bodies for editing
–  Bodies can be edited using 1 or more morph cages
–  Make edits to either the entire body or local areas
–  Morph cages can be controlled parametrically via external driving geometry


Convergent Modeling – Fill Hole Improvements

Significant improvements to the automated and interactive tools for preparing mesh sheets and solids free from holes or other issues

–  Automated fill all holes and solidify
–  Smoothness controls available for all methods
–  Multi body mesh support for combining multiple meshes

Convergent Modeling

Hundreds of additional use cases have been evaluated to improve the robustness of the core commands in this release

–  Cleanup
–  Boolean
–  Offset / Thicken / Shell
–  Fillet / Chamfer Draft

Multiple improvements for reconstructing classic CAD geometry from scan/mesh data.
         –  Leverages the facet selection recipe for easier and more precise selection
         –  Fit a single surface through multiple disjoint regions
         –  Option to fit primitive tool solids for subsequent Boolean operations
         –  Uses standard preview for improved clarity and reduced screen clutter

NX Realize Shape – Draw Cage Command

Fast, interactive construction of subdivision polygons.

–  Create from reference scan or other geometry
–  Build off of existing subdivision geometry
–  Option to construct quad or n-sided polygons.
–  Ability to reset the starting point while in the command to control direction.

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