What’s new feature of NX 1847 Series on Designing

In January 2019, Siemens PLM released a new version of NX called NX 1847 Series, since this version on the Icon of NX software will not display the version of the software anymore (Previous examples section Soft display NX 11.0, NX 12.0 now only display NX), one of the new settings is the automatic notification and update feature when there is a new version (like update Window), Below Vietbay Please review some of the new features that highlight the design capabilities.

Modeling within a single part and in the assembly, context becomes significantly easier through a number of efficiency improvements such as:

    • -Automatic work part changing
    • -Easier sketching in geometry and assembly context
    • -Fast geometry show and hide through the part navigator
    • -Understanding of design change impact with dynamic feature snapshots
    • -Improved understanding of feature out of date status and update actions required

Continuous investment into ensuring NX is the most robust modeler in the market, supporting the most demanding industry workflows such as those in automotive and aerospace among others

Enhanced Sketch in Context in STE
  • -In assembly context, work part appears it’s color, all others are dimmed and grayed
  • -RMB during sketch creation
  • -Section – Sections model to the sketch plane, shows background geometry
  • -Slice – Displays only sketch plane
  • -Auto Reverse Section Direction – section is maintained during rotation; dimensions and constraints redisplay based on viewing angle
New Customer Default to change the Part Navigator action to Hide / Show vs Suppress / Un-suppress
  • -When set to Hide, Part Navigator shows an eye symbol
  • -Clicking new symbol in the Part Navigator will Hide or Show the item
Improves efficiency for users who generally use Hide / Show instead over Suppress / Un-suppress.
Consistency between Part Navigator and Assembly Navigator actions.
Eliminates unintended feature update from accidental feature suppression.
Snapshot creates a copy of a body for visual comparison of design changes
  • -Snapshot window enables comparing the model side by side with the option to synchronize view manipulations
  • -Snapshot can be overlaid on top of the updated geometry and inspected using a translucency slider
  • -Snapshots are temporarily stored in the Snapshot Node in the Part Navigator
New Extract Virtual Curve Type – Tube Centerline
  • -Valid input surface types include cylindrical, toroidal, and b-spline
  • -Output produces lines, arcs, splines, respectively
Significantly speed design and engineering processes through continued advancement in the ability to use convergent (facet / mesh) geometry natively in Modeling and downstream Simulation, Tooling and Manufacturing workflows without the need for reverse engineering
  • -Direct import of the common 3MF and OBJ mesh formats
  • -Improve the quality of convergent bodies for downstream use via smoothing and re-meshing
  • -Extended support for feature based modeling directly on convergent data
  • -Convergent models can be leveraged directly in numerous downstream CAE, CAM and Tooling application workflows
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