At the end of each year, the Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industries (VAMI) holds a meeting with members to summarize activities in the previous year and together set development directions for the next year. In 2016, the conference took place on December 23 at the VEMA building, 689 Lac Long Quan, Hanoi, attracting the participation of nearly 150 leaders of large corporations and corporations in the field of mechanical engineering and machine creation. As one of the core and active members, especially the only company operating in the field of copyrighted software and high-tech solutions, Vietbay has contributed a lot to The Association’s activities for 3 years. This was highly appreciated by the delegates.

Nearly 150 delegates attended the Conference

Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industries (VAMI) officially operated in December 2002. Up to now, after nearly 15 years of operation, the Association has over 200 member units that are mechanical enterprises in many economic fields in Vietnam and abroad. In 2016, VAMI implemented many activities, from consulting and making recommendations to ministries, departments and branches of the government to training cooperation, product development and many other activities.

Representative of Vietnam Association of Mechanical Industries (VAMI) spoke at the conference

During 3 years of accompanying the Association, Vietbay has actively participated and proposed many good and timely ideas to help VAMI implement operational plans and achieve the highest efficiency. In particular, as a leading company in Vietnam operating professionally in the field of consulting solutions and providing software copyrights, office equipment, industrial design solutions, simulation analysis and production programming, Vietbay has been transferring the most advanced technologies in the world to many large companies and corporations in the field of mechanical engineering. That was further confirmed when in 2016 Vietbay officially became a GOLD PARTNER of Microsoft, the FIRST AND ONLY GOLD PARTNER in Vietnam of Siemens PLM. These are the basis for Vietbay to always be trusted and chosen by leaders of the Vietnam Mechanical Business Association in general and member companies in particular for long-term cooperation.

The information which Vietbay provides always receives special attention from leaders of members of the Vietnam Mechanical Association.

In 2017, with the achievements of the previous year and the support and appreciation from the Association, Vietbay will continue to support the transfer of scientific and technological achievements of the 4th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0) to businesses. Therefore, it contributes to the development of mechanical businesses in particular as well as Vietnam’s industry in general.

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