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Why NX Cloud Connected Advanced Designer?

✔ Powerful 3D modeling software with advanced freeform modeling, assemblies and sheet metal design

✔ Leading-edge industrial design tools include freeform shape and advanced surface analysis

✔ Synchronous technology combines the best of both parametric and direct modeling to provide designers greater versatility and product design flexibility

✔ End-to-end mechanical product design solution with a rich set of supporting tools such as rapid prototyping, design review, and validation

Try our free 30-day NX CAD design trial
Benefits of 3D CAD Modeling NX Core Designer trial benefits
Best-in-class engineering design software
Get started with sample files and exercises in your NX 3D modeling software evaluation
Powerful 3D modeling capabilities of NX CAD for designing mechanical parts and assemblies No massive downloads or lengthy installations
Flexibility of synchronous modeling technology to eliminate traditional design constraints Ready to go with instant access anytime and anywhere
(Source: Siemens)

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