Top five reasons to choose Siemens NX for designing, manufacturing and simulation

Currently there are many different CAD/CAM/CAE software on the market. The problem of choosing software to use optimally for businesses is also a difficult problem, how to choose the software both optimizes the use of features, saves costs, and also suitable for expansion plan as well as easily link data with customers and partners.

Below are Top 5 reasons for businesses to choose Siemens NX software:

The first: Siemens NX software is a CAD/CAM/CAE integrated solution which is the leading software in CAD/CAM group in the world today with many large corporations using in many different fields from aircraft, Automotive, electronics, consumer… Some big corporations in the world have been using NX such as Boeing, NASA, Suzuki, Samsung, LG, Cannon etc.
Siemens NX
The second: Siemens NX software is fully powerful in all sections including CAD (design), CAM (CNC machining programming) and CAE (Simulation), providing enterprises with integrated synchronization solution. From design to simulation without data conversion or using any other software, it helps to reduce data conversion errors as well as switching time between software.

The third: The ability to integrate extensively with a comprehensive PLM solution, allowing businesses to manage data, processes, documents or even the production process, product quality or service process. with the combination of NX and Teamcenter businesses can manage the entire process of its product development, thereby shortening time and cost of product development

The fourth: Siemens NX is suitable for business-wide scalability, Siemens NX software includes a variety of specialized modules that cater to different areas of expertise including: NX Mach designer solutions (Group modules for product design), NX Mold design (Modules for Injection mold, Die casting mold), NX progressive die design (Group modules for continuous stamping), NX die structure (Modules Stamping die design), NX routing mechanical (modules for piping system design), NX Routing electrical (Modules for electrical system design), NX CAM (Moduels for machining programming 2.5-5 axes, turning, wire cutting ), NX additive manufacturing (Modules support 3D printers), NX electrode design (Modules for pulse electrode design), NX Machine concept design (Modules for automation machine concept design), NX line designer (Design of automation transmission wiring), modules for simulation include simulation of linear, non-linear, thermal simulation, flow, …. Depending on the needs of each business, customer can select each part according to their development time and the additional need that businesses can purchase additional software modules without having to start from the beginning.
The five: Fast design and flexible modify – Siemens NX with Synchronous technology enables fast and flexible data editing, even for lost history data, the modify process is directly on the 3D field.

Moreover, Design Data Collaboration – Siemens NX allows open reading and editing of data of most different CAD CAM software including Catia, PTC-Creo, Solidworks… Effective data reuse capability – with the combination of Siemens NX and Teamcenter allowing users to store data in sync, create libraries and reuse them in the most efficient way to shorten design time.

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