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Situation of the market’s demand for high-tech resources
Vietnam has been attracting many industrial groups to participate in the Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) such as Samsung, Honda, Cannon, Nissan, Toyota … Some domestic companies have also made a strong transition to in the industrial sector such as VinGroup with Vinfast and VinSmart, Viettel Group … Along with the development, there are needed to have a supplier system that is strong and diversified supporting production enterprises. This leads to the increasing demand for high-tech human resources to meet the requirements in the 4.0 era, while the traditional training programs at schools have not been met, there are no centers. and resources to train new technology to suit the requirements for smart factories, …
For young human resources who invite to graduate school, when returning to businesses, it takes a long time to retrain and access to actual technology in enterprises, the cause of the above problem is the gap between the skills section. technology trained in school and job requirements at business.
The explosion of the 4.0 technology revolution with many new technologies such as IoT, AI, Big data … has been and is a trend of application in businesses. If you want to do that, universities have the ability to create a human resource that can apply and deploy the above technologies.

Laboratory 4.0 solutions for high-tech human resource training

Pic1. Smart factory model diagram
Included: 1. Product life cycle management and design solutions, 2. Manufacturing operation management, 3. Total integrated and automation 4. Cloud-based, Open IoT Operatiing system, 5. Supplier management and logistic

        The Laboratory solutions is a modern environment for research and training of human resources 4.0 with a full range of application components in a smart factory from product design and development to production.
Includes a variety of components that satisfy the stages of product research and development as well as manufacturing such as product design, simulation and testing, mold design and machining, 3D printing, digital twin of of productions system, production management and operations, data acquisition and analysis (IIoT) connectivity.

Overall benefit of the solution

  •         – Connecting the skills gap between the skills of human resources
  •         – After graduation in schools and skills requirements in businesses
  •         – Fully equipped with knowledge and skills to apply new technology solutions in the age of enterprise digitalization
  •         – Direct training on technology solutions that businesses are using
  •         – Students will have practical experience like working at the enterprise
  •         – A connected solution that synchronizes all phases of product development and production with the application of leading digital platforms.
  •         – Students and trainner have access to the methodical and huge resources of Siemens DIS based on the web browser
  •         – Instructors can assign work and track students’ learning progress online on a web browser through their account login
  •         – Students who complete the courses receive a certificate of completion…


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