Solution for Performance Engineering for Electronics and Home Appliances

The electronics industry faces a number of challenges starting with the increased complexity of products. Indeed the very definition of the electronics industry is changing because ever increasingly mechanical components are being transformed into smart systems which integrate mechanical, electrical, controls & software.
This increased complexity is evident with products such as smartphones or in sub-systems developed for the automotive or aerospace industry for example.
But the electronic industry is also facing many other challenges: ever shorter product lifecycles in response to ever growing customer desire for the latest technology, increasing pressure for improved recyclability of these products, new operating conditions of new categories of wearable devices involving entirely new loading and service conditions, and so forth.
At the same time, the industry in general is moving from known material and production methods to mixed materials, novel production methods, like for example additive manufacturing.
Challenges in the enterprise require the use of simulation technology to optimize the product as well as time to put products to the market. Siemens’ Simcenter 3D solution provides enterprises with a full range of tools for analyzing and optimizing electronic product designs including thermal simulation, Drop simulation, sound projection, structural dynamics …
The image above are some simulation functions that examines the operating conditions of electronic products such as fall simulation, shock vibration, simulation with composite materials, simulation of cooling and heat dissipation of the system. Electronic equipment, sound and noise simulation, thermal field simulation of strong electronic bo … etc. Specific features are as follows:
Simcenter 3D’s structural analysis capabilities can be used to understand the performance and durability of the electronic case as well as understand how the interior components will withstand vibrations in harsh environments.
Thermal management plays a critical role in electronics performance, and Simcenter 3D’s integrated environment makes it easy to perform the multiphysics, thermal-flow simulations needed to simulate airflow within a device so you can understand how well the cooling system is performing.
Acoustic analysis enables you to understand the noise performance and often minimize or reduce unwanted noise. By using unique technologies such as BEM & FEM based acoustic modeling as well as the AML (Automatically Matched Later) to efficiently model otherwise extremely large external acoustic problems, Simcenter 3D ensures your performance criteria are met.
As more mechanical devices incorporate electronics, understanding how the mechanical system interacts with the control system becomes increasingly important.  Simcenter 3D offers multi-body dynamics solutions that can be co-simulated with control systems designed in either LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim or Matlab Simulink.
And because all these solutions are available within a single environment, it is very easy to share data from one domain to the other to perform other multiphysics analyses such as thermal/stress or fluid/structural interaction.

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