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Smart manufacturing is a technology-based approach to increase production efficiency, improve quality and reduce product costs through real approaches including: intelligent manufacturing field through connectivity, visualization capabilities, collection capabilities (IIoT) and data analysis (Data Analysis) combined with artificial intelligence (AI). and and machine learning. Enables digital production planning, Smart Logistic, real-time data collection and automatic closed-loop feedback. Make improvements to current operations and prepare for future innovation.

Siemens is the world leader in providing a comprehensive solution ecosystem for businesses to realize smart manufacturing transformation, including functional modules: Improving production systems in a virtual environment (designing and build virtual models of production systems, simulate production scenarios on virtual environments, test and evaluate, integrate virtual operating systems into production systems). Improve manufacturing plants quickly, Smart production management with closed loop, real-time data collection and evaluation combining AI and Machine learning for decision making.

Firstly, the ability to design and simulate virtual production systems, Siemens provides solutions to be able to design and model the entire production system including machines, robots, people, lines and components. Other parts, then it is possible to set up production processes and simulations to visually evaluate the production process, and the solution also allows to integrate this virtual factory system with PLC to virtual commissioning. for the most reliable assessment prior to assembly or factory modification. This helps businesses reduce errors, problems that need to be fixed or costs.

Virtual enviroment Real enviroment

Integrated library of factory equipment, Robots, … allowing to speed up the design and modeling process. Reducing programming time through programming and evaluating the working behavior of Robots, autonomous vehicles, humans, etc., in a virtual environment.

Second, the flexibility to customize and improve quickly, adapting to new requirements, offering different production scenarios and optimizations, and including a closed feedback system between stages in the whole process. Set of production systems from product development, production planning, production execution and production… The collaborative working process of departments, individuals or even suppliers is integrated. on a single digital platform, helping information to be transmitted quickly, instantaneously and transparently. This is a very important and distinct point of view for smart manufacturing. Capture performance in production and post-production, and use that feedback to create a loop of continuous improvement with design and engineering departments. When you receive feedback from your production operations, digital twin allows you to act on that feedback by comparing predicted performance with actual and insights-based performance. Then, make adjustments in equipment design and manufacturing processes. Siemens solution provides Manufacturing Operation management (MOM) solution as the brain of a digital system that allows connecting related components such as people, tools, processes. thereby managing the production execution process seamlessly and efficiently.

Third is connectivity and data collection: Siemens provides connectivity through the cloud based with the primary purpose of sharing production data through the cloud: factory data from different systems (based on cards, relational databases, enterprise applications, devices) are collected and stored into a unified data structure that can be configured with aggregation and multidimensional capabilities. Cloud connectivity also ensures real-time and efficient analysis of production KPIs, assessment and arrangement and organization of production capacity between plants, and maintenance planning. The solution provides components to be able to connect data from the production system such as Sensor, Scadar, IoT getway. The tools for programming is Mendix applications. With Lowcode and Nocode in Mendix applications, businesses can quickly develop enterprise applications to promptly serve new requirements and strategies, develop AI integration, machine learning to handle problems in a timely manner. the most effective

Finally, an indispensable element in the digital age that is network security and data safety, Siemens also provides a security system with many different layers of security according to international security standards IEC. 62443, allowing businesses to safely manage the data system.

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