Simulation and optimization of injection molding with Siemens NX


The model market today is becoming more and more competitive, the demand from customers is increasing in terms of difficulty, quality and fast delivery time, which asks the mold manufacturing companies need to have the most powerful and suitable solution. in measuring integrated solutions including CAD / CAM / CAE is preferred. With its advantages, Siemens NX solution has been widely applied in the mold industry.

Siemens NX provides a comprehensive powerful tool for the entire process of mold making and fabrication including: Molder variation (Draft, thickness distribution), mold structure design, Mold machining (CAM), automatic electrode design, and from Version NX8.5 allows integration of plastic injection simulation with Easy fill modules, with synchronous integration capability. Thus Siemens NX allows users to implement the entire process of designing and manufacturing molds on a single software platform interface thereby shortening time and cost.

In addition, Siemens has also developed a software solution for calculating cost (Tool costing) in integration with NX, with tool costing mold manufacturers can easily calculate accurately and quickly mold costs. From the stage of receiving customers’ requests, thereby increasing their competitive advantage and minimizing cost risks.

In this article the author wants to describe more clearly the possibilities of plastic injection simulation on NX and why the mold designer should choose the simulation on NX with Easyfill. Easyfill is the optimal choice for businesses using NX for mold design and machining because.

The first: Easy fill run add-ons with NX interface, Enterprise only need additional investment Modules Easyfill to calculate and simulate this to help reduce investment costs.

The Second: Easyfill run add-ons with NX interface so engineers can easily use it without spend much time to research, simulation results or simulation process to perform on the same design data of NX.

The third: Easyfill included all most of function to simulate for injection molding: filling simulation, packing simulation, Cooling and solidification simulation, it helps for engineer quickly to get result and optimal their design.

Description about capability of easy fill advance:

Filling simulation: Engineers can test different positions, number and size of gates to simulate, testing and evaluate product quality, simulation results included: filling temperature field over time, time-filled pressure field, weld line, air trap, pressure chart during filling ….

Packing: Display result with packing pressure, template, Volume sink age, Shear stress …
Cooling: Allow calculate cooling time, time to part reach injection template, Maximum cooling time.
Warpage: Allow calculate displacement follow X, Y, Z direction, Total displacement, volume sink age, density…

With the overall simulation capabilities of the above injection molding conditions, the mold design engineer can evaluate the mold quality and thereby optimize the design from the design stage, minimizing the time and cost. Reduce physical test time.

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